Which way the wind blows?

Pt Nehru

History changes from dynasty to dynasty and new names are given to erstwhile stalwarts. The government in the saddle in India are out to do this with rabbit’s speed with an attempt to win over the support, say political support, as from the masses. Democracy is supposed to be by the people and for the people. As a slogan it sounds so attractive but practically it is not. Whosoever are the people running the government go by their choices and favour and at times it looks like a dictator’s role and not that of a democrat. The news that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s name is being removed from the text books in schools and colleges. Ignoring the great personality like Pt. Nehru, the very architect of present day India, is sans any sense, it is rather a sin. Howsoever popular the present day leadership could manage to be there is no match to a leader like him. Even if people are loyal and sincere to the masses in the country they have no reason to abandon the past in the context of the freedom Movement. The leadership that won the struggle for freedom to India in fact deserves to be worshipped and any move to erase them or their images amounts to an anti nation act deserving condemnation by all committed followers of the most historical an event like freedom movement of the country. If not corrected, the move to eradicate the images of the champions of the freedom movement has but to be condemned by the people of the country.

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6 thoughts on “Which way the wind blows?

  1. No doubt Mr.Nehru is a freedom fighter,apart from this he has no achievement to his credit as Pm of independent India.His panchseel,socialistic pattern of society,fireign policy are utter failure.He had no long vision for development of India.His communist principles did mich harm,idiologically he was utter failure.During his time only the Chinese occupied our territory,which could not be regained by us till date.India is basically a n agricultural country and in the process of making it industrial hub, agriculture was neglected,by his principles.In his personal life also he was not upright.H e became P M ,because of his adamant nature and black mailing the father of the nation shri Mahatmas Ghandhi,other wise shri.Vallabai Patel an iron man of IndiaWould have become thePM of India ,which could have been a right choice,a and most of the internal and external problems faced by us would not have been a raised at all,had shriMahatmas vallabai Patel been made PM of India.



  2. KVLakshmana n May 23, 2016 — 4:22 am

    No doubt shriMahatmas.Nehru is a freedom fighter,apart from this he has nothing to his credit to be called as architect of modern India.All his idealogies are utter failure.How many have still remember his failure of panchasheel,sosialistic pattern of society,foreign policy etc.During his tenure only our mother land lost some of its territory to China which still we are unable to get back.His Kashmir policy made India to pay heavily.His appeasing policy of one minority community made fighting between communitiesHis economic policy had affected us dearly.H e was neither a good administrator nor a politician.He is not upright in his personal life also..In all fronts his government was a failure.


  3. Lakshmanan Kaveripattinam Vasudevarao May 23, 2016 — 10:25 am

    I am sorry to totally disagree with you.Sri Nehru was a freedom fighter,no doubt,but his idealogies were against the interest of the nation.some of which are as under; 1)when majority of the then leaders of freedom fighters including the father of the nation wanted Sri.Vallabai Patel to be the PM of India,he blackmailed them saying he will commit suicide if he is not made PM.I came to know this from my grandfather who was close to Sri.Rajaji 2) His Pancha sheel policy was utter failure. 3) His ideology of socialistic pattern of society was a fraud on the nation as socialism and democracy cannot go together.N o two lines of railway track cannot meet at any point of time . 4) Permit and license Raj which paved the way for corruption . 5)India is basically an agricultural country,the policy of industrialisation followed by him made India neither agricultural nor industrial country. 5)His personal life was not above board. 6)His Kashmir policy is highly critical.His appeasement policy of encouraging one particular religion created many problems and Kashmir bandits his won community is now rendered homeless. 7)His foreign policy leaning towards communalism,made India to suffer on many fronts. 8)His administrative inability was often came to light particularly during Chinese war..

    After all he was one among the freedom filters and nothing more.




  4. Lakshmanan Kaveripattinam Vasudevarao September 14, 2016 — 3:20 pm

    Forwarded message


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