The hawks out on a loot spree in a broad day light:


They are the Members of Parliament representing 130 crores of people in the country. Busy they are supposed to be otherwise in the interest of the people of the country but actually busy they keep themselves in serving their own interest –latest being a loud drumming on increase in their wages, allowances, perquisites and several other areas of comforts and luxury. Only 6 years back their wages were increased to full one lakh and this was done in response to a ho halla launched by Lallu Prasad Yadav and his coterie claiming wages atleast a little above what is paid to a senior I.A.S. What a logic –funny and absurd. Politics is a mission and not a profession. They are the kind enjoying best of both the world cost of which is borne by public. Gone are the days when there used to be honest people like Gulzarilal Nanda, Lal Bahadur Shastri and a few more like them who practically worked for people like a faqir never caring the least for money as against the current generation of Members of Parliament who are on a loot spree to acquire money and more money with shamelessly nefarious a modus operandi.

There are thousands of trade union organisations in the country hankering to secure a most legitimately raised charter of demand for their low paid employee members. Take banks for instance where both serving employees and the retirees are suffering with their families getting a beat of soaring prices. The top bank in the country State Bank of India has independent rules and regulations to  grant fair salary and allowances including welfare area but every time some thing is initiated the Government of India applies uncalled for vetoes and nothing is allowed to move. The pension issues in State Bank of India are pending for the last two decades but those in Parliament are not the least concerned with paying any heed to it. The ex Finance Minister of the country P. Chidambaram instantly brushed aside the demands saying ‘we are not able to bear the cost burden and there are several other areas too who need a boost up in their wages’. May be he had the pay package of Members of Parliament in mind while talking of other areas which line of approach is unfortunately curtly followed by his successors as a matter of mutual interest.

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  1. … “see the piggies, lots of piggies with their piggy wives” ~ G. Harrison. Cheers Jamie.

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