Pension issues in SBI–Pension fitment:

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It’s after quite a gap of time that KR saini has come out with a note clarifying the allied areas to pension issues in State Bank of India. These articles, be it a writeup from Ramchandra Upadhyaya or by K R Saini, contain a bumper feedback in relation to pension issues and therefore quite meaningful to the pensioners and retirees of the Bank enabling them to understand as to what the issues actually are and where they stand presently. The valuable informations they provide are of immense importance quite capable of generating the requisite awareness. His write up is reproduced below verbatim.


Dear Friends,
                              While pensioners make their legitimate /genuine demands for uniform DA,Improvement in Family Pension,Updation of pension and pension to all eligible categories.etc, IBA merely talks about "cost factor", since past few months if not years. Where as they have not conducted/completed any such study on the subject so far as per their own letter addressed to Employees Unions/Retiree Organisations in recent months.The latest reply dated 7th April to GS of AIBRF also narrates the same story!
images (2)As we are aware, detailed  instructions were issued by Reserve Bank Of India,years back,on setting up of an effective machinery for redressal of grievances in banks in general for the benefit of customers/constituents . RBI also advised to ensure that a suitable mechanism exists for receiving and addressing complaints from above with specific emphasis on resolving such complaints fairly and expeditiously regardless of the source of the complaints.The above mechanism exists for general Pensioners too, those who are drawing pension through Banks.( When it comes banks own pensioners thing is different!) 

                         In case of Bank Pensioners,IBA  has given further instructions on setting up of Grievance Cell at each banks exclusively for resolving their issues through direct discussions with bank management periodically -at least once in six months- (Copy of guidelines of 2009 and latest letter to CEOs of Banks are available under this column.) Though for name sake such Grievance Cells are formed in most of the banks and some discussions are taking place with individual bank’s retiree associations by managements.In some of the PSBs it is learnt that things are moving in a better manner in resolving Bank wise issues and in most other cases no serious attempts were/are made by Bank managements to resolve even small issues of bank retirees where ever it is possible.
                       While the reality is such,the latest reply of IBA to AIBRF reminding their circular of 2009 on setting up of Grievance Cell and further letter to bank CEOS on same subject seemed to be an eye wash .While even bank wise retirees issues are not resolved by bank managements so far in general how IBA  advise retiree organisation to seek remedy through Grievance cell established /or yet to be established in banks,especially our issues are common and based at industry level.
                             At least, it is a good sign to see that IBA is now started  sending replies to retiree organisations (though stereotyped one) related their demands/issues, but unless IBA come forward for direct dialogue with retirees organisation on retirees issues, nothing will emerge in retirees favour in short span of time,than the repeated story on "cost Factor" !
                      Let us hope that our retiree organisations will secure a platform for discussions with IBA without delay,and till then we may wait  and continue our struggle till  we achieve.

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