They need support, they need to be helped:

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The Law prescribes it, the various systems follow it and this is done as a matter of human touch to extend help to the otherwise rendered orphans in the event of their bread earner  in the family dying or rendered fully incapacitated due to some mishap or serious injury caused to the employee. Long back even when there was nothing like  any provision to make compassion based appointments, several such appointments were made in State Bank of India invariably at their very choice place obviously as per initiative taken by me. It was much thereafter that the task was formalised as a Scheme of compassionate appointment at my instance. Later when I was to call it a day in State Bank the very Scheme was abolished by the management arbitrarily obviously bucked up by the Government of India. The Scheme however was re-introduced by the Government in August’1914 but it hardly served any purpose as it was too rigid a provision hardly ever making such a recruitment. It’s a long story in the background but the net position as it obtains now is hardly any appointment in this category leaving the dependents of the deceased employee just in lurch running helter skelter knocking every door. Most strange as it sounds to be is that even recognised unions don’t turn up to help them to chase the ghost with their eye lids overflowing with tears. Where to go and what to do is their trauma. It is an appeal I am making to all including the respective unions and their Federation not to confine their efforts to running from one court to another. What is more important is to share the problem individually with the aggrieved dependents providing them the confidence that some one is there to share their agony and mitigate it to their satisfaction. Sharing is no compulsion nor it is supposed to magically overcome the malady but it is capable enough to heal their wounds extending them the due respite. Why can’t you stand by their side sharing their gloom coupled with other efforts both legal and administrative that elicit the requisite outcome. Extend them the due support and help them which they are hankering for and you are capable enough to do it. Please help them and stand by their side shoulder to shoulder. Mine is a clarion call seeking support to them. Help them, please enabling them to suitably cling to the required modus operandi leading to successfully stick to the prescribed procedure step by step. They need your help, please do it.

NB: I am trying to release shortly necessary guidelines in the matter. Since they could be too lengthy, it may have to be followed up part by part.

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5 thoughts on “They need support, they need to be helped:

  1. Hello Sir,
    Any news for compassion appointments in bank past cases befor 05.08.2014 in PSB AND RRB.Central govt. do any thanking for us poor Familyes.




  3. hello neelkanth sir, we one of the suffering families of waiting for compassionate appointment prior to 05.08.2014. actuallly our case is , my father andhrabank employee who died in jan 2001. till now we didn’t get either job or ex-gratia…please kindly tell us whats going on with our govt.. shall we have any chance or not sir, iam 32 now. please kindly do the need as early as possible, so many families like us are under the poverty line, waiting for our job…why govt has acccepted after 05.08.2014 cases only, why should they were fully leaved our past cases sir…please send reply


  4. Sir, past case of compassionate appointment is to be taken up before the concerned ministry by the union/ association immediately, as deceased employee who fight for 10 years will get justice. Also guideline may please be issued for family who have been given ex-gratia by bank before 2014 and now want to go for option of compassionate appointment.

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