Care! A volcano ahead:

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Tremors between a few and far days are not a new thing nor they are a phenomen0n unknown to the mankind on the planet of earth. Recently as publicized by the media there have been several tremors with their center in different places in India including North Eastern Uttar Pradesh and also Hindukush. No loss of life was reported but on earlier occasions this did occur. Our Vedant theory and also different oriental puranas prescribe that when civilisation level reaches its peak and developmental activities are on the top it stops any more of yielding benefits, it rather turns to the process of devastation, the frenzy turning to calamity to the extent where men start killing each other on some pretext or the other. Famines and droughts become a common feature and the people fight among themselves simply for a bucket of water as total resources of it go dry and barren. People start committing suicide as they are no more able to provide food and water to their families. In Maharashtra (India) this scenario has become an order of the day. The managers in governance are drowned dead deep in political manipulations not really bothering the least for the welfare of the people. Total scenario is grotesque in the absence of positive measures directed to the real interest of the people in general. They are not in a position to take hard decision for the fear of the people. Sanjai Gandhi initiated measures to curb the population and this did cost much to the then Indira Gandhi’s government. To day no manager in governance nor even cabinet rank minister has guts to even talk about population control which is factually the bone of all ills obtaining in the country. The government is required to know the reality and take measures to check the population. In the mid 1930s the students in junior classes were taught that the population of the country that time was 35 crores. Look at the scenario now –it is nearly more than four times bigger than what was obtaining in the first half of the 20th century. Obviously howsoever best be the steps on development, the outcome is swallowed by the mushroom growth of the population leaving no residues on the surface. This could be too arduous a task but some drastic measures are warranted to curb the population failing which we have to keep ready for a massive devastation to grab the people like a volcano does, virtually a Doom.

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2 thoughts on “Care! A volcano ahead:

  1. As long there is killing going on, in wars and on lower life forms. There will be rebirths. Cheers Jamie

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