Pension issues–Writ Petition No. 1875/2013 filed by SBI Pensioners Federation:

Given below is the text of a message addressed to Alex Joseph by Ramchandra Upadhyaya in the context of the above. The author of this message has the quality of making his presentations in most elaborate and self explanatory a manner supported by several annexures which of course are not reproduced here for certain technical reasons but the very text alone speaks volumes on the subject. The readers are requested to link up the text of this message with the expressions bountifully given to the topic through several posts on this blog. The message in question is a rich addendum to the issue:


Dear Mr. Alex Joseph,

Delhi High Court

Writ Petition (civil) no 1875/2013 filed by SBI Pensioners’ Federation

I learn from Sri.Rajeevan that he has already informed you that I would be writing to you in connection with an impleading petition to be filed by a group of pensioners in the Delhi High court in connection with the above writ petition.

Briefly stated, pension to the retiring employees of SBI is payable as per the SBI Employees’ Pension Fund Rules,1955, which was recently superseded by SBI Employees’ Pension Fund Regulations 2014, made effective from 18.9.2014. It should be obvious from the contents of the attached note prepared by me, that the SBIEPFRegulations (Regulations for short) have a statutory force. The management of the Bank has been making payment of pension in an arbitrary manner since 1.11.1987. Perhaps emboldened by the passive attitude of the pensioners, the Bank resorted to the extreme step of paying pension to the employees whose salary and allowances were revised for the five year period commencing from 1.11.1997, not on their last drawn salary but on their pre-revised salary and before a decision in this regard was taken, it had also introduced 50%/40% ceilings on maximum pension payable to pensioners with effect from 1.3.1999, replacing the conventional 50% ceiling, which is universally followed. The Bank perhaps thought it fit to implement these measures to hurt the SBIVRS retirees as it felt that these retirees were paid handsome ex-gratia payments.

The Federation, rightly decided to challenge the introduction of 50%/40% ceilings with a view to restoring 50% ceiling on pension payable to all; it had also included in its prayer that the Bank should be instructed to pay pension at 50% of the last drawn salary for all as it has not been paying pension on the last drawn salary,from 1.11.1987 onwards. However, the Federation had stated in its plaint that the GOI is the sanctioning authority for pension to SBI Employees. It had also unwittingly stated that the GOI, as the maximum share holder in SBI would like to protect its dividends. In addition, it had voluntarily disclosed that SBI employees were getting multiple benefits. Because of these statements, the outcome of the writ petition may get vitiated and already the GOI has initiated steps to delay a decision by submitting in the court that it has formed a Committee to examine the problems of the pensioners from various angles, such as financial implications, impact on other nationalised banks, etc, details of which can be found in one of the attachments to this email.

I request you to kindly go through the contents of my note and the attachments. I shall talk to you over the phone during the beginning of the next week around 9 p.m, which I am informed would be convenient to you.

I shall forward any documents you may need in this connection. Some of the documents will be furnished by Sri.Umesh Sharma of Meerut, to whom a copy of this email is being endorsed.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,


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