Why so much of a hurry?

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Who is there who doesn’t hanker for peace? –possibly none but spree of efforts on that count continues unabated literally without any halt with the result that it all turns into a tougher conflict with several deterrents in modern living leaving hardly any scope for those interested in practicing much talked of art of living. If you are on road you have to move inch by inch because of road jams at every few steps. So is the case with those opting to travel by train or even airlines. Falling sick requiring you to get admitted to some hospital you may not get even a single bed there or may be you have to rub your shoulders with several of other patients like you waiting for any medical attention in a uncertain manner. Private doctors, if you opt to go to them as an alternative, behave like wild vultures sucking the blood of the patients charging heavily. All this non sense one has to undergo irrespective of their capacity to meet the cost. This sort of unprecedented hurry coupled with much unwanted a greed on the part of not only doctors but all those who are in some way or the other concerned with earning  money to lead a lavish life is supposed only to lead to a disaster and chaos in the society. May be all this could be given the cover of development in the country but factually it all goes otherwise with a semblance of a Doom’s day. Failure on the part of those in administration to provide safe water in the requisite measure coupled with their inability to provide enough food to the hungry are all an indication in a disastrous direction.

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