Prithviraj Chauhan–calling a spade a spade:


When asked to define the kinds of opinions, the person concerned promptly replied saying that there are two kinds of it –(1) is my opinion and (2) is the wrong opinion. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi now has a place for himself in History with lot of people admiring him for his work and the other lot criticizing him right and left calling him names at times. Modern history has no tools to fabricate or manufacture ills and evils on foul fancies but the same can be done in a bigger measure in relation to ancient history. Exactly there lies the problem of several readers who don’t find it feasible to reconcile with the opinions of dozens of eminent historians and research scholars and opt to go by their own fancies and perceptions.  As an Indian I am an ardent admirer of the great Indian hero and his queen Samyogita based on childhood stories told to us to hold our head high in their honour  but fail to close our eyes to what the eminent personalities have written. Given an option I would prefer to go by Chandrabardai, the very close aide to Prithviraj Chauhan. but this just can’t mitigate what others say or talk. The fact remains fact we like it or not and the quality lies with the readers the way they perceive the whole arena out of all texts. Let the readers themselves be the judge and feel free to go through it the way it is compatible to their own mental faculties sans any sort of mud slinging.


3 thoughts on “Prithviraj Chauhan–calling a spade a spade:”

  1. Chauhan women were the brave and beautiful daughters of mother India and we should feel proud about them.The second battle of tarain belonged to them.Those sexy chauhan women with large breast and buttocks proved more than a match for gurids.Gurids raped chauhan women repeatedly but it were chauhan women who had the last laugh.They consumed seminal energy of gurids and saved India from further destruction.In fact the battle proved blessing in disguise for chauhan women and power of women should be duly recognized.
    Why neelkant sir never shower words of praise on chauhan women I fail to understand.


  2. The sexy chauhan women with large breast and buttocks were the brave and beautiful daughters of mother India and we should feel proud about them


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