Political gambit and currency notes:

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Some enthusiast in a political party in the country came out with a proposal that why only Mahatma Gandhi’s photo is allowed to appear as an emblem on different denominations of India’s currency notes and that such a great honor be extended to other dignitaries also. Who are the other dignitaries? The question is not honest, it is rather complex oriented. Historically Gandhi was bestowed with the nomenclature of ‘Father of Nation’ and unless one opts to read it as the ‘Fathers of the Nation’ there is no scope to extending the title to some body else and it is just out of question. History is history and not a house hold story to twist its mold in any manner one fancies. Moreover, this is an area where no any kind of reservation can be prescribed. Currency notes represent the financial face of the country by its make and design and it is frivolous to think of accommodating any Tom, Dick or Harry there. The current mode and design of Indian currency notes are graceful enough to continue as such and any attempt in that direction to politicalize is only a vain venture.

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