Close to the heels of a Doom’s Day:

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How long and to what extent? There is nothing sans an end.

When there is too much of progress and development in the world this has to be treated as a symptom of sampurna Vinash, the Doom’s Day

We are much developed a society on earth to-day still pursuing more and more of further developments in the kitty. Applying Bernard Shaw’s saying ‘….It’s too bad to be too good’, it quite fits into the scenario obtaining in the whole world as on date with every body talking of more and more of further progress and developments. How long and to what extent? There is nothing sans an end. Applying a bird’s eye view to the whole spectrum it firmly leads to a conclusion that we are just close to an inevitable collapse, a collapse hardly recoverable. The very peace for which the humans have all along been hankering is hardly seen any where.

The Vedic scriptures provide that when there is too much of progress and development in the world this has to be treated as a symptom of sampurna Vinas, the Doom’s Day. May be those holding such a view are called backwards but the one glaring factor that the amount of peace the people in olden days enjoyed are only a dream in today’s world. The pace with which India is growing in population rate is alarming where too too much of the activities in the name of modernisation, progress and developmental activities are playing  a vital role. In 1930s the population of India was 35 crores and it has grown to its four times. This factor too may prove the cause of a massive disaster some day. Who could be the channels volunteering themselves to compromise peace as against disastrous modernisation? It’s only we, the people of India, always so crazy to go for something glaringly glittering unmindful of their intrinsic worth.


Author: neelkanth

Certainly not a celebrity but do have inquisitiveness to know things, realise them and live them to the extent possible. My interest in History, Art of Living and behavioural science is an element that inspires me.Am a poet,an author,a consultant, an advisor on computers and behavioural science.Served as Director in Central Board of State Bank of India.Remained associated with trade union activities and industrial relations as President,All India State Bank of India Staff Federation.Led a delegation on computers to several countries abroad number of times as from State Bank of India/ Banking Industry. Was twice accorded with NATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE by All India Freelance Journalists Association, Chennai (India). My email address is:

2 thoughts on “Close to the heels of a Doom’s Day:”

  1. Since I was a boy, in 1950’s. The word doomsday has been used countless times, in predictions of a calamitous end, to the world we know.

    Today, it appears we are no closer to seeing the lion lay down with the sheep than before. Yet for me the doomsday is already past, for a substantial change. We have entered the next Satyug. Which is why those forces of evil are trying to complete their endgame.

    Many are waking each day with a better understanding of life and it’s cyclical nature. The deceptions of power, are becoming more obvious. The american President Obama. Is still authorizing drone strikes on targets that can and do, still murder many. They inflict terror through the use of groups like ISIS.

    Who runs the world and those puppets like Mr. Obama, etc. International Bankers do. All wars are bankers wars, may seen all over the internet. For there is nothing as profitable as war.

    The forces of real change do not hit like a meteor, very often. They are more likely to creep up like a sunny day.


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