Prithviraj Chauhan–history is gruesome and also a nest of rumours:


There is an ocean of a coverage dealing with the great Indian hero Prithviraj Chauhan and his love Samyogita containing enough of material in relation to them. It is in fact a sort of  debate between those who worship them as the greatest of heroes belonging to India and those who talk much otherwise, in a sort of filthy language adding names to romance between the two. There are certain who talked quite in a positive measure honestly taking history in the very spirit of it. One such observation is made by Suddhatma and with a view that a dispassionate analysis on so called history reaches a bigger number number of the readers, the same is reproduced below:

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History is gruesome but is more so because it has less details and more rumours.

1st Ghori’s Tomb : The plunderer cannot even rest in peace – people coming to pay respect has to stampede some unmarked grave before paying their visit or respect.Ghori might have been a victor in outward battle but was assassinated like a stray dog while offering his prayers – since God is most cruel to those who asks forgiveness in prayers after commiting crimes.

2nd Princess Samyukta : Commited Jauhar and there was no memorial for her saintly character coz they lost the kingdom to heathens and no was around to commemorate or honor the death of their queen.Also fire leaves no body for entombment or burial – hence even if the heathens tried to violate her dead body – and then entomb – that never occured.

3rd King to Assassin : Ghori wanted to take captured royal slaves to his home in Afghanistan, hence he took Prithviraj Chohan prisoner and there he demeaned him, kept him among slaves and some say – even blinded him .This is very natural , we know how the Persian Emperor Xerxes treated King Leonidas of Sparta after defeating him at the cost of half of his army to just three hundred men.
However, Prithviraj Chohan escaped and joined up with rebels in Afghanisthan itself and became their top assassin and one auspicious day – he killed the bigot Ghori while in prayer – just like Ghori defeated him at Panipat.
Then the Chohan King gave himself up or comitted suicide ,since life did not matter to him much, as he had his revenge.

4th India never became fully Islamic ,but is growing back to its Hindu supremacy nation : The slave dynasty, the lodhis, the khiljis, the mughals,the nizams,the pathans and every piece of bigot heathens tried everything from religious taxes to open slavery to eliminate Hinduism and their glorious state of affairs from here but never succeeded.The Rajputs,the Sikhs and the Marathas crushed every piece of bigot stronghold and reduced the Islamic hegemony in India to nothing.
And now these Ghazis are mere terrorists living on borrowed time and hiding behind pseudo-secular protection.

5th DESTRUCTION OF AFGHANISTAN : The wiping out off the Kingdom of looters and plunderers stemmed from this very soil of India.
In the Third Battle of Panipat : the forces of Ghori’s descendant Ahmad Shah Abdali was bled heavily and they won a very disastrous battle against a mere siege contingent of Marathas and when he heard of a force of 1,00,000 more Marathas are crossing the Narmada – he just turned tail and left India begging for peace and truce to the then Maratha Peshwa not to attack Afghanistan.
The Sikh empire started feeding off Afghan Ghurid territory and kept reducing it till was reduced to present day Afghanistan beyond Pakistan.
The Anglo conquest of Afghanistan, ended the Ghurid supremacy , destroying the Ghurid forts and taking great joy in pillage and violation of afghan population.
The afghans were so enraged of British, that their women peed on captured and fallen soldiers of British forces.
This British force was actually a British-Indian force and had full force of Indian Hindu sepoys and commanders under British Major and Colonels who unified and finished Afghan Ghurid power.

It took a 800 years time – but revenge was served in full.

Now the land of Ghori is nothing but a battle field of western power and despotic religious fanatics and refuge seeking whores , while the land of Prithviraj and Samyukta has flown to Moon and has full arsenal of Nuclear bombs and progressing steadily.

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