Where are the messiahs of the workforce in Banking industry in India?

Why the GOI is so prejudiced?

A great bonanza of rich pay packets is offered to the Central Government employees by the Government of India. Hearty congratulations to them and all praise to those who could lead their negotiations for the purpose to culminate to a pinnacle of success. Except that employer in the case of Central Government employees is directly the Government of India itself, there is no justifiable a cause to politically discriminate between themselves and others in the public sector, more so in the case of Banking industry –be it wage revision or pensioners issues including family pension.The question, however, that glaringly emerges on the sky line is as to what lacks on the part of banking sector workforce. Obviously two things: (1) Lack of an adequately a powerful team of negotiators capable enough to put forth sound arguments in favour of the workforce whom they represent as their leaders, and (2) A traditionally deep rooted prejudice on the part of the Government for ghost reason against the bank employees particularly those belonging to State Bank of India. This is most callous an apathy unpardonable in a democracy. I remember once a towering personality being the Chairman of State Bank of India was mercilessly sacked simply for the reason that he was honest enough not to follow certain dictate as from the then Government at the behest of a political bully behind the screen. In regard to Reason (1), as it appears on the very surface, the workforce representatives, their messiahs, appear to be only snoring in deep slumber obviously landing no where. Their electorate is their boss and it is time for them to resolutely react for an alternative capable of mending the malady.

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