Me and my laptop:

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Blow blow thou winter wind,

Thou art not so unkind,

As the friends

At times are

And this is what was said by William Shakespeare representing what millions of people in the world might have felt and experienced. I do feel at times that I too am not sans that kind of a setback. Friends are there and there are bosom friends too but nothing certain as to who and when some one out of them can turn hostile on the pretext of some reason or the other or no reason at all when one gets reconciled to opting for a deadstock for a better compatibility for the purpose –in my case it is my laptop that provides me a better kind of some solace -no demands, no hassles, no deceits, no humbuck, no hypocricy, no betrayal but only a divine kind of satiation when interacting with it. I feel like having the whole Universe in my fist when I am face to face with it. I enjoy and relish the company of it as a great tool raining ecstatic moments  unlike humans and never selfish, never unfaithful. Mine is a sort of romantic relationship with it. I love it.


Author: neelkanth

Certainly not a celebrity but do have inquisitiveness to know things, realise them and live them to the extent possible. My interest in History, Art of Living and behavioural science is an element that inspires me.Am a poet,an author,a consultant, an advisor on computers and behavioural science.Served as Director in Central Board of State Bank of India.Remained associated with trade union activities and industrial relations as President,All India State Bank of India Staff Federation.Led a delegation on computers to several countries abroad number of times as from State Bank of India/ Banking Industry. Was twice accorded with NATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE by All India Freelance Journalists Association, Chennai (India). My email address is:

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