Falling in Flight

Originally authored by Elan Mudrow, this piece of expressions on a great adventure is much worth sharing with my readers and hence it is reblogged here with the fond expectation that they may receive it with interest enjoying the thrills of an awe fully great adventure. I have been in the list of first 6 most fliers in Indian Airlines alone besides several other national and international airlines experiencing the horror once the airbus with myself as a passenger from Mumbai to Delhi fell down from the level of 35000 feet but thanks to the competent Pilot who could somehow manage to check it at 23000 feet. This was virtually a live hell sort of an experience when I, myself unseated with a terrible jerk, saw the passengers tumbling over one another with several of them especially women and children crying and shrieking to the point of collapsing. The readers may please refer also the link: https://uppermost.me/2014/08/16/a-plane-dropping-down-in-space/

Elan Mudrow


Floating, we brushed Luna,

Wide and circular ,upon the ceiling

Mountains tickled our feet with glaciers

Expanding our weight into new gravity

Causing us to fall to crust, dirt, and slag

Denting the Earth into peculiar shapes

Stirring up dust, creating an atmosphere

Now, our globe, oblong blue…is

Warmth within crevices of light

A gem spitting fire into vacuum.

Sunken into a continuum, finite growing.

Our fingers reaching, reaching,

With arms heavier than cities

Dangling about dull celestial bodies

Flopping about in muscles, bone, and ligaments

Our backs curve as heads look up through stovepipes.

Still….our hands wish to fall into flight

No wonder we are so busy painting landscapes,

Still lives, and faces that resemble the moon

With acrylics and oil made of many minerals deep

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