I’ll soon spring

Impressed by what is expressed by the author of SUCCESS INSPIRER in his blog post quite in tune with what is a routine feature in the life of many including me,  I felt like reblogging the same by appending the following source link. As an alternative, I am also repeating the contents of the link for the convenience of the readers:

Source: I’ll soon spring

‘u think I’m finishhed,
You’re mistaken; you don’t know me;
I am still strong; as strong as steel;
With solid come-back power;
Like a spring, I’ll soon spring;
And before you look,
I’ll be right on top.’

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5 thoughts on “I’ll soon spring

  1. Erroneously this post was published twice and the duplicate one has since been removed with the result that the Likes and the Comments thereon are all erased. The readers may have to redo the same again. The inconvenience to the readers is regretted.


  2. Respected Sir
    About above article my comment is That I never finished because what will be finished that is my physic not I.Sir your logic that ” जब तक जीव है तब तक जीवन है ” will confirm my comment. Sir, if my comment is not according to the thoughts of the author please excuse me.


    1. Your expression in the matter is quite to the point and worthy of appreciation. My thanks with affection.


  3. Respected Sir Comment—-2
    The courage of the author inspires to the readers to be strong, as strong as steel fearlessly. He gives a message of immortality about the vital air and his aim is to reach right on top.
    Respected Sir
    In every movement of life you were present always on top and helped many people to reach on top.On the strength of your so many people became strong like steel.


    1. I feel glad that you have followed the message in its letter and spirit which can be done by the readers with talent and calibre only. I do admire such a nice expression. My thanks again.


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