On trade unions–a view

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An omnivorous reader and a super intellectual, James  Allen Allen ‘hirundine608’ is unfailingly a regular contributor to this blog through his important comments which are gone through by the readers with a sumptuous interest. His views, far or against the subject, are always without any bias or prejudice and expressed candidly. A believer in metaphysics, he hardly has any interest in trade unionism but spares his attention to any topic that is covered in this blog. Quite meaningful as it is, one of his comments on my post “Biting a loaf without teeth* is given below:


My family has always been union supporter, including myself. Yet the only real weapon that unions have, is withdrawal of labour. This weapon is pretty much useless, in the face of overwhelming population and machines.

The union officials, largely enjoy a tenured position. Which further decreases their popularity. What unions nowadays should be focussed on. Would be health and welfare of the members. For a happy worker is a productive worker. Proper pensions are always going to be an issue. Spending money on things that war, is never as profitable as a happy retired population. Who will spend money back into the economy.

The investment bankers look for always the profitable ways of increasing their wealth. Yet miss out on the stabilizing structures of society. They are in essence … short-sighted. They are a blot on society. Cheers Jamie.


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