An irritant, trifling otherwise but maga practice-wise:


Something or the other occurs frequently obstructing me to write my blog post -this time my Laptop miserably crashed and I hardly have any alternative  as it is never feasible for me to use any standby for the reason that mine is a machine that has hundreds of special settings. It may look like making a news within my circles that I am transgressing to something alien as casual alternative. I have hardly ever written any post directly on the WordPress format but  load my writings through Microsoft’s Window live Writer. This casual switch over makes my task to heavy to afford. I am waiting for my own Laptop to recover from the big damage caused to it and only thereafter I can be a normal self for which moment I am hankering by minute to minute. I thought this otherwise a trifling point but a major factor for me has to be shared with my beloved readers, hence this post.


9 thoughts on “An irritant, trifling otherwise but maga practice-wise:”

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    So what can you do to not fall prey to such a disaster.

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