What is there in a name?

Digvijaya Singh, Congress General Secretary and a Rajya Sabha M.P. called names to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the extent that he was a megalomaniac and that he was the one who didn’t follow the constitutional etiquette by addressing American President Barack Obama by his first name Barack in contrast to how the American President addressed Mody as Mr.Prime Minister during his recent visit to India. There could be some point in what Digvijaya Singh said but, if viewed impartially, it sounds like much ado about nothing. Prime Minister Modi did address the President of America by his first name Barack but it was simply to indicate that they are good friends, a factor to establish healthy relationship between the two countries. There are certain political groups who criticise Modi for serving tea to the American President like a tea boy forgetting that it was just an etiquette when two dignitaries meet and here it was Modi who took the lead. This should not always be necessary for the opposition to do some digging or the other finding fault at the other end just for the sake of opposing. Personal relations matter much when two heads of State from different countries meet to bilaterally discuss the issues relating to their countries.

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5 thoughts on “What is there in a name?

  1. I’m afraid that the whole pretence of respect, with these people is a bit of a farce. The United States of America has invaded 69 countries since WW2. At least, that’s what internet tells us.

    When they smile at you is that the smile of a wolf, or a fox?

    They get elected and at once, the ego kicks in. Telling them, their s**t doesn’t smell.


    1. Excellent feedback. My thanks with regards.


  2. Mr Rhetoric chewing gum. ,who refuses to name the monster of terrorism.


  3. Ramesh Neelakantan January 29, 2015 — 5:23 pm

    Can’t understand why d leaders of Congress Party are so much frustrated


  4. The People either from Congress or from any other corner of society are criticizing our PM Sri Modi Ji without any fault and only to gain media attentions. They are forgetting the universal truth than when we harrasse anyone without his any fault then that person become more and more stronger in the eye of General Public and also gains all type of strength from All mighty God as well who always support to the innocent one. It is not surprising me for a moment to read either idiotically statement of Congress leader Manishanker Aaiyear to Modi to Sell Tea in House or extra spoken and franly Nonsense spokiing Person Digjivijay Singh daily remarks on Sri odi Ji. The result of both the spokesman harrassing and personal remarks on Modi and his family made Modi and BJP so stronger that No one have ever imagined.
    The latest remarks also shows the lack of knowledge and only jealous feelings. Our Modi ( Yes if I reark him like this, means how much near he is to us), knows the meaning of Barak so intentionally pronounced it again and again. The meaning of Barak is Blessing. The name was kept naturally by Hon’äble Obama parents in love and affection and thanking God for their blessing. Please Digvijayji collect some knowledge or take retirement for some period and pass some time with saints of Rishkesh or Haridwar.


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