Compassionate appointment–not fair to ignore the issue:

Imagine an employee suffers from some serious ailment disabling him to actively work or the one who dies in harness causing an utter chagrin and helplessness to his family. Who is there to look after them? Once while visiting Tokyo in Japan I was told by number of employers that whenever they recruit a fresher, girls in majority of cases, they invite their parents ritually observing a normal function to tell them that they no more need bothering about her as after she is appointed she becomes a part of the establishment and it takes care of all her financial needs like a family does. Unfortunately such a gesture is miserably lacking on the part of the employers in India and such a malady is more operative in public sector undertakings. Quite some time back there was a practice in State Bank of India to appoint one of the dependents of the deceased employee or even during his life time if the employee had an ailment incapacitating him to work. The scheme was later withdrawn by the government. Such a scheme is reintroduced with effect from 5/8/2014 in response to large scale representations made to the government by different organisations mainly the unions in the country. In fact this scheme is hardly operational in practical terms and the representations made by the spouse or the other dependents of the deceased employee are turned down by the employer Bank(s) on some flimsy ground or the other with the result that there is no kind of help extended to the relative family members mainly the children. Most ironically the respective unions too are lagging behind in helping the family of the deceased as is reported by the spouse and the dependents. One can well realise the pangs of seclusion of the spouse concerned and her wailing children and humanity demands that all concerned come forward with a heart to help them.


17 thoughts on “Compassionate appointment–not fair to ignore the issue:”

  1. This is a problem through the world. Many times it is corporate slavery to blame. Luckily Canada has some form of medical system in place. Yet is still causes hardship for people reduced to “sick pay”. Especially when it runs out and government has to help.

    Good health is a blessing, we should ignore at our peril.


  2. I feel compassionate appointment in State Bank of India was a blessed system. It is stopped since a pretty long time. So sad…… You work, you die but we are least concerned. Is it the reason for abandoning the system? During 2014 the scheme is reintroduced in a different way, “Compassionate Appointment – without compassion”. Let our new Govt brood over this & change it to the old system.


  3. Respected Sir,
    The Compassionate appointment in State Bank Of India was implemented some time back when you were a umbrella of the employees. After your retirement this facility was withdrawn by the Government which is totally troublesome for the dependents of the deceased employees. The introduction of the system is a very good news for every body.But what will be the fate of the dependents before 5.8.2014. It becomes also a very good news if New Government do something for those also.


    1. Sir,
        Compassionate appointment in the Bank was implemented some time ago. Dependents of deceased employees to facilitate the introduction of a complete system is from 05/08/2014. In 2004-2014, before the scheme could get the benefit of the dependents of the plan not to appoint the government has asked all the banks and the union is considering the subject. ..


  4. sir actually banks are going through strike………is they r mainly doing stike for only salary hike related issues or other issues like compassionate appointment in past cases also…..please send reply as early as possible……can we expect any betterment in past cases before 14-8-2014


    1. Compassionate appointments have been and still are the issues of the respective unions and they work or don’t work is a different matter. The issue relating to pre 5/8/14 aspirants is a topmost priority of different forums outcome of which is awaited.


      1. dear sir mere papa ki death 8th aug 2011 ko hua tha mere papa \antewada barnch main massenger the maine compassionate ke liye aplai ki thi par us samay bank main commpassionte scheme mujhe majburi main exgartia amount lani padi sir ager main exgartai payment return kardun to mujhe commpassinte milgi kay sir ?please sir help me mere faimly ki halath tik nahi h so please kindly help me regards kabir yadav m.n 7587434313


  5. Neelkanth sir does regional rural banks follow same policy as public sector banks in terms of compassionate appointment.please reply


  6. Regional rural banks are normally attached to some nationalised bank or the other and they are supposed to go by their parent bank in staff matters including compassionate appointments.


  7. Neelkanth sir can we expect to have job this year or again we have to wait for some more years? And what are the development of RRB employee pension??please rply….


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