Why police protection for the godmen?

Most often it is the politicians who are blamed for securing a grand police protection for themselves on some false ground or the other not for the reason that they really need it but just for a grandeur to add to their pomp and show. They are not the lone kind of people as they are now being followed by the persons known as godmen, the sadhus. Why police for them as they are not supposed to lead a life of luxury with a style, they are rather supposed to lead a plain and simple way of life and that is what they themselves teach during their discourse to their disciples and the followers. A large number of sadhus have applied for police and the armed guards for their protection. Why should they need it at all? Arrangements are on for Magh Mela at Sangam in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh, India) and a big number of them are seeking protection and security for which purpose they are approaching the local administration. Surprisingly 65 of them have reportedly  been already provided the security so asked for. A real sadhu and mahatma never needs police protection if they are honest to the godly concepts but the fact is that they are a dishonest lot looting their disciples and other people with their own rowdy mechanism manufactured for the purpose and police protection secured by false means is used as terror tool to impose their dictates to the devotees who don’t exactly follow their command. This tool is the one quite well known in the case of politicians to overpower their rivals and the priests and  pujaris are now equally doing the same thing which their religious pursuit strongly forbids.

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8 thoughts on “Why police protection for the godmen?

  1. I can just imagine the police protecting jungle sadhus?

    “Your surroundings are not merely a matter of your individual choice; they are there, as a matter of course; and you should rise above them and not get yourself entangled in them”. ~ Ramana Maharshi


    1. You have so nicely and relevantly quoted Ramana Maharishi. I feel inspired. My thanks with regards.


      1. No, thank you Neelkanth for finding topics that engage.


      2. I have duly made a note of the advice. My thanks with regards.


  2. Very true Sir. Now-a-days, so-called famous sadhus and mahatmas are enjoying more luxurious life than any senior leaders. These facts have time and again been shown by various TV channels. Earliar , sadhu or mahatma meant a person who has sacrificed all the material worldly things. Even to satisfy their hunger, they used to beg but only to the extent they needed. But latest sadhus are never satisfied. They don’t beg but fetch money from their followers by hook or crook and if need be, by terrorising them. I wonder why people follow such pakhandi sadhus and offer them their hard earned money. Leave apart money, they don’t even hesitate to sexually abuse their female followers. This is extreme. They are criminals and should be punished very severely. So, police protection should not be provided even to a single sadhu.


    1. You nicely analysed the ugly scenario perpetrated by the so called sadhus and priests. They only deserve a thrash by the people in general in the country. My thanks with affection.




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