Vistara Airlines–a legacy back to Tatas:


Tatas were the first to start airlines transport in India as Tata Airlines about 60 years back renamed by them as Air India which was subsequently nationalised. Tatas have re-entered the Indian aviation at a time when it is facing a turbulent situation. The venture is obviously risky but pioneers as they have been in this sector, Tatas are supposed to emerge successful in the field like they have been in several other sectors in the country. Named as Vistara Airlines, the venture is a joint one in collaboration with Singapore Airlines with their stake being 51%. Ratan Tata, the ex Chairman of Tata group, offered his good wishes to the first Bombay bound flight at Delhi Airport on 9/1/2015. Cyrus Mistry, the present Chairman of Tata group, received it at Mumbai. The airlines passengers are quite hopeful that in Tatas hands the flying experience for them is sure to be a pleasant one and equally risk free.


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