Now Yoga has a day for it globally:

After United Nations gave it their seal to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposal to have a definite day to be observed as an International day for Yoga seconded by 177 countries of the world, the decks are now clear for observing a specific day as World Yoga Day. The Day allocated for the purpose is 21st June and it has to have a take off with effect from the current year itself. It adds to the pride and privilege of INDIA. All Indians also feel proud of their Prime Minister Narendra Modi for most assertively leading the campaign for the purpose. Yoga is an ancient Vedic science having its origin in India for thousands of years extending its benefits both physical and divine to millions of the people not only in India alone but the people from all over the world. The miracles it plays are not just confined to sound health and physical fitness, it equally extends ways and means in the matters of a divine pursuit in an spiritual order. The experts in the field claim that this science based methodology has nothing like any adverse side effects and can be practiced even by a child aged 5 years and an old man of 105 years.

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4 thoughts on “Now Yoga has a day for it globally:

  1. Very well said, Sir. It definitely added to the pride of our country and also to the achievements of our great Prime Minister, Mr. Modi. He is doing what earlier Prime Ministers of India would not have even thought of. He got support of 177 countries out of 193 member countries, which, surprisingly, include about 39 Muslim countries, for declaring a particular day every year as International Day for Yoga. Yoga is definitely very fruitful, if practiced correctly daily.


    1. Quite well analysed a comment dexterously covering the issue. My thanks with affection.


  2. Once again I am thankful to our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi because it is a proud for natiion.


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