Why can’t we at least share their agony?

There is no end to pain and agonies in this world and none has any magic wand to whip their removal replacing tears in to smiles but what is possible for every body is to at least share the agony by extending the ‘Get well soon’ greetings to the patient concerned. Good wishes, it is said, have not only a soothing impact on the patient but they have an intrinsic effect in physical terms. We have received a request from one Manish Kumar Sharma of Gorakhpur (U.P.,India), a critical cancer patient, to help him secure some financial assistance for his immediate treatment as from the Prime Minister’s Office which, though provisionally cleared, is not being released to him despite the intervention of an influential M.P. Mahant Adityanath in the matter. We wish we had ourselves enough of financial resources to extend some help to such cases as Manish is the one who is totally unemployed and has no other resource to manage his treatment. We are trying our best to manage the needful by approaching the PMO. Meanwhile our request to the sympathiser readers is to send a word of consolation like ‘Get well soon’ to Manish. This may not only console him but energise him too to overcome the dreaded disease. His email address is given below:



6 thoughts on “Why can’t we at least share their agony?”

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