No end of the road for them even yet:

Grown old fighting all their life for some cause or the other relating to workforce in State Bank of India, they still refuse to call it a day on voicing their concern whenever there is an onslaught against the interest of the workers, and this they do as it springs up from their very blood. I am talking of the FORUM called FORUM OF FORMER COUNCIL MEMBERS OF ALL INDIA SBI STAFF FEDERATION who are holding their 5th annual meet at Guahati on Sunday, the 22nd February’ 2015, starting at 11 AM. Members and also their spouse from nook and corner of the country are supposed to most enthusiastically throng to the venue hosted by the State Bank of India Staff Association, Guahati Circle, this time. Proceedings of the meeting are normally held with a calm posture with brief intermissions of cultural tit bits –last time during the meet at New Delhi, SA Qadri and Prakash Gangal were the star performers entertaining the gathering with their sweet melodies. Deliberations normally range from topics of interest to the pensioners and cursorily also the current scenario in relation to the present developments in the banking industry. The participants being great stalwarts on the trade union horizon, the meet invariably turns out to be a historical event every time it takes place. Expectations are that the activity scenario of the FORUM shall be further widened to an ameliorated spectrum.


7 thoughts on “No end of the road for them even yet:”

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