An angel fluttering its wings (not) in vain:

Critics of P.B. Shelley were vocal enough to criticise him saying “ ineffectual angel fluttering its wings in vain” and so are doing the adversaries of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in more drastic a measure leaving no avenues unexplored to accuse him right and left. An honest appraisal of what has been done on developmental front in the country within a short span of time after he took over as the Prime Minister amply manifests crystal clear what a great look the new horizons of activity have started  assuming in the country, more so on caste and community unison coupled with powerfully heralding the message of universal brotherhood. In fact critics are falling short of the material to criticise him and they are hardly left with an alternative to even manufacture the allegations at their own as after all there too lies the question of substance. It’s people in general in any democracy to determine the recognition of a leader and that is currently the front wherefrom Modi is showered with laurels only. As is the talk in certain quarters in exception, Modi has failed to deliver any goods in the matter of law and order with security in the focus and that there is nothing tangibly visible on the surface in respect of most burning an issue like soaring prices of essential commodities where excepting certain frugal reliefs on petrol and diesel of course with repetitions, nothing substantial has happened in regard to other commodities. Logically analysing the whole scenario, all the tasks can’t be sorted out overnight and they too demand the requisite time. The great things is that Modi is the one exceptional leader in the country whose personal credentials are not only above board but extraordinarily superb to undergo any toughest possible test. With his bonafides intact coupled with a firm resolve to work for 24 hours a day in the interest of the country, India seems fully equipped with vast horizons of progress and development, and there lies the satisfaction of the people of the country.

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  2. Very well said, Sir. Every leader of opposition parties is frustrated with the rising image and the work being done by him. In fact, no top leader of any party including Congress party, would have ever thought of the work which Modiji has already taken in hand/done. They all are loosing their ground. That is why, they all are trying to join hands. But people of India have understood their intentions and their hidden agenda and they will act accordingly at the appropriate time. We feel India is in safe hands. Let us all pray to God to shower His fullest blessings on him and bless him with a long and healthy life.




  3. Excellent


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