Compassionate appointments in Banks–what to do?


Many a queries from many a quarters are there every day seeking guidelines as to what the dependents of the deceased employees are to do to secure necessary appointment on compassion basis, many a times the queries are so vague that nothing could be made out of them to form a substance. Necessary guidelines released earlier through the link give given below are hardly followed by them:


Besides following the guidelines contained in the link above what the dependents are required to do is to adhere to the following:

  • Make sure that they are eligible for such appointments in terms of the latest provision that the revised scheme applies only with effect from 5-8-2014.
  • Those who do not fall within the above category too can make out their case detailing necessary particulars submitting to the Bank’s branch where the deceased employee last served as this part of the issue is under active follow up with the IBA (Indian Banks Association) and the Government of India reiterating the claim that the benefit be extended to the pre-5-8-2014 cases too. The purpose of such a representation is to keep the claim fully alive with uninterrupted gaps. Moreover, it creates a momentum for the cause.
  • The dependents can also seek the assistance of their respective unions.
  • Those who have not yet received ex-gratia payment need not accept it reiterating their claim for compassionate appointment.

We are deeply concerned with the plight and agony the affected dependents of the deceased employees are undergoing and committedly take it as a mission to serve their genuine cause with the hope that some day “….the light of smiles shall fill again the lids that overflow with tears”.


46 thoughts on “Compassionate appointments in Banks–what to do?”

  1. actually is there any chance to get compassionate appointment before august 2014 cases……………………here some of my father colleagues saying that definately there is chance for getting job……….is it reiable…………if not……………please send me clear reply……..actually whats going on


  2. not only my family sir………many thousands of families are suffering from starvation and we cannot get our daily bread also…………if job is given to this type of cases………….we all are rellly grateful to narendra modi ji…………….


  3. dear sir,

    i had also same case, my father died on 02/11/2004. i filed my request in bank but rejected then i went to Allahabad High court to file me petition. first judgment gone in my favor but sbi bank countered this judgment on the basis of latest 2009 supreme court judgment and i lost in counter judgment from high court in Nov. 2012. in supreme court judgment there was explained that if bank changes its policy, all pending cases convert in the latest policy. so i had to accept EX-gratia payment.
    so my question is if suppose government changes its policy and consider all old cases for compassionate appointment then am i eligible for compassionate appointment?


  4. Dear sir
    My father was working with bank of Baroda as a cashier when he died on dated 27/12/2006. I accept ex gratia ammount as relief fund due to unable to proceed a recruitment application on compensation ground.
    Now I came to know that compassionate recruitment is reintroduced in bank.
    How can I apply for the job on campssionate ground as per new guidelines.
    Please help me


    1. Your case does not fall within the eligibility creiteria but there is nothing wrong in submitting your request to join the queue of the other aspirants in case there is a favourable review in regards to the policy by the authorities concerned.


  5. dear sir,

    should i also send a letter to sbi bank that i am agree to return my ex gratia amount in lieu of compassionate appointment? plz guide me.
    as you know my case is different.


  6. sir actually at present any discussions between bank unions and government going through for compassionate appointments or not…………..please tell……….if yes is there any possibility.


  7. Respected Sir We are the children of a deceased Staff and Have No Support From Any where Well knowledged and experienced Great People Like You Must Help Us Sir…
    Please Say us the Way to Get this CA for cases before aug -5-2014
    Does IBA have talks on this ???
    what is governments stand??
    atleast 5 year cases must be considered…What are Possibilities??


    1. We are already fighting on your behalf to secure justice to the pre 5/8/2014 cases. You may in the meantime submit your representation to register your claim and continue pursuing it. Both IBA and Government of India have duly been approached for the purpose.


  8. I Heard that Our PM directly or through Ministry officials(Exactly don’t know whether PM or Ministry ) is going to speak with Bank Representatives to resolve bankers queries on jan 3 and 5..Please take some steps to represent our idea to Our Honourable PM


  9. Dear sir
    How can I summit my claim for compassionate requritment in bank of Baroda when bank officers is not accepting my request. Can i send registered mail to him. Please cn isuggest me the way to offer my canitaure on compassionate ground. I am unempolyed and we suffer financial crisis till now .

    My father died on 7/012/2006.


  10. Govt approved proposal of SBI to have both the options- Compassionate Appointment or Ex-gratia lumpsum & extended it to all PSBs

    Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India vide their letter F.No.18/2/2013-IR dated 05.12.2014 informed that the Finance Minister has approved the recommendations of State Bank of India and it has been decided that all Public Sector Banks can have both the options i.e. Compassionate Appointment or payment of lumpsum Ex-gratia amount. THowever, any of these two options can be used only when the other conditions of compassionate appointment are met

    sir ,
    my question is does is for only from Aug/5/2014 or for past cases also, and who chose the option bank or deceased family members


  11. Dear Sir

    I am Soundara Divya, Daughter of Shri K R K S Pandiyan. Emp with SBI as Assistant manager,My Father was working at SBI Tanakkal he expired on 27th march 2013 During his Service. My Mother K S Malathi is granted a monthly Pension and other emoluments like PF, gratuity and Exgratia after lots of tedious efforts.we are three children to my parents and pursuing our education and dependent on the pension of my mother. I being the eldest and unmarried(30)have a sister(26) and brother(22).My Father has Served SBI for 31 years we feel the bank a part of our family. We requested for appointment on compassionate grounds but was discouraged by the bank due to non availability of the option,

    Learning about the new changes in the rules regarding appointment can you please guide us in this regard, and suggest us the course of action


    1. I couldn’t make out as to what you meanby ‘non availability of the option.’ Apparently yours appears to be a fit case for a compassion based appointment. My goodwishes.


    2. Sir,
      We were informed by the bank officials that there exist no compassionate appointment according to the bank regulations then ( march 2013). Please guide us through this chaotic state. Whom should we approach and what is the process of making a representation in this regards and how would we proceed

      Thanking you sir


      1. Representation is very simple and you may not have much of a problem, Divya. There is also a printed form available for the purpose at any branch of respective Bank and you can use this option if you feel difficulty in preparing an application yourself. My good wishes to you and the family.


  12. Sir,
    I jagadeesh.k suffering same father chidananda.k a canara bank officer in mahalakshmi layout branch was expired on 15/4/2007 due to cancer. The bank didnt gave any mother she is also suffering severe joint pains and i hve a sister .i am the only person to earn with very low plz consider our request to all higher authorities.not only me sir more over 12000 families are suffering from same plz present and current status of our case .is any chance of getting a job under compissionate grounds.plz inform and guide me


  13. Dear sir
    My father was working with vijaya bank as a cashier when he died on dated 31.01.2003. I accept ex gratia ammount as relief fund date 2011 application on compensation ground.
    Now I came to know that compassionate recruitment is reintroduced in bank.
    Sir, do you have any update regarding past cases?
    narendra singh solanki


  14. Sir
    My name is father worked as a clerk in Indianbank repalle ap.
    He died on july-7-2013.could you please guide me how represent bank union from my father branch…please guide me sir.

    Thanking you sir…
    Sir I applied for exgratia but not sanctioned due to family income more than 60% of father salary..


  15. sir,

    My father died recently while working in canara bank at age of 58 years and am krishnan (son) working in private sector bank as Officer under scale 1.Please clarify, can I get appointment in canara bank under compassionate grounds .If so what grade they will fix either in clerical cadre or in officer cadre which am at present working as officer scale I


  16. Dear Sir,
    My husband (Sanjay Kumar Sinha) working in SBI Main Branch, Panna expired on 22.02.2016. I have been given leave encashment, gratuity & PF. I am gradate and my age is 41 years while my daughter’s is 15 years and my son’s is 12. Unfortunately, My husband could not purchase any flat or immovable property and myself along with my children are living in a rented house in Patna. I am in dire need of job on compassionate ground so that I can take care of my children.

    Can I be hopeful that I am entitled for compassionate appointment. Please help me and where I can approach. If possible forward a copy of application form for compassionate appointment and the details of local union mentioning their address and contact no.

    I am eager to receive your precious reply. Please help me Sir.


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