In search of a refuge for solace:


Solace is a mirage –it deludes no sooner than it is visible and disappears into vacuum. Nature, it is said, is the last refuge to secure some peace but that too is nothing beyond a la belle dam sans mercy, delusive all through. An insight within opens up a flood gate of tortures and turmoils in volcanic an order where dismay only deepens. Listen to me O! the corridors of the horizon to grant me a bit of strength to undergo the onslaughts of life the way they occur unbridled, if you can and if it is not gainsaid within the precincts of your stony silence.


9 thoughts on “In search of a refuge for solace:”

  1. The birth itself is an unwelcome occasion for the soul for with the birth it enters into many a complex relationships with innumerable fellow inhabitants on earth and it is beginning of endless sufferings – in the form of joy & agony. Our scriptures say the actions free of any detachment are path to solace and accepting that all actions are guided by His will and not him, can lead to some solace. But the path is, as it has been said ‘better said than done’. Even sages have found it difficult to practise, what to say of ordinary mortals. Only He can ignite such spark.


  2. Truly agreeing to your feelings Sir,I would wish to add a bit,
    The life of nature itself is similar to what we as humans experience,sometimes joy,then bear pain and then also deliver pains.The difference comes in the perspective.We as humans can talk about hardships delivered by nature,nature might also be discussing the same somewhere.


  3. Respected Sir,
    About above article I agree with the comment of Shree R. S Pandey. But something I want to say that the life of agony and joy are very small.In every day these agony and joy run in circle serially and we feel sometime pleasure and some times agony. But this condition effects only an ordinary people not for those like you who are ready always to sacrifice their life for others. I remembered that a member of our organization in Bangalore sung a song in your felicitation that was सूरज रे टुमको चलना होगा जनम भर की राशनी के लिए करोडो की जिन्‍दगी के लिए सूरज रे तुमको जलना होगा ा
    या उनके लिए जिनसे व्‍यथा मिलती है // घोलो प्रिय जितना घोल सको वि ष घोलो मैं नीलकंठ की
    शाख बचाने आया हूं मैं पतझर में मधुमास खिलाने आया हूं ााप्रणाम ाा


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