Coalition politics on a way out:

Coalition politics in India started in 1984s and since then it became a routine to see a setback to it only in the current year when the Modi wave gave a heavy weight jolt to it like a tsunami storm. Coalition politics is a waste paper basket so far as the public interest is concerned as there the different segments in political circles in the country join together to serve their own self centred interest without caring the least for the welfare of the people in general and they can’t at all afford to be decisive on public interest issues. Now that after three decades a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi is in the saddle fully capable of addressing various public interest issues quite in a decisive order, it sets a pattern, if followed honestly equally in days to come, to do away with coalition governments even in the times that follow and there lies the interest of the people of the country as a whole.


18 thoughts on “Coalition politics on a way out:”

  1. Genuinely speaking coalition is a curse for our Democracy.Only a single party Government with a creative vigilent single party opposition can save our Nation.The coalition adjustments only benefit to d unscrupulous politicians for horse tradings.
    The stand taken by Shri.Narendra Modiji in Maharashtra is appreciable.
    Our medias should educate d voters d need for a stable single party government with a single party opposition instead of involveing in exaggerated gossips


  2. Politics is one of the most complex and unforeseeable things happening around us and when it comes to India, the country with vast cultural, linguistic, racial and other self seeking groups – so divergent and cutting across, things become more awesome and difficult to manage. The gradual down slide of national mainstream political due to one party rule of the then Congress party which had transformed itself into a despotic regime and resultant and steady emergence of regional satraps was also taken as a welcome step at that time as it seemed to fulfill regional aspirations of people seemingly neglected by the central regime. Now that one party rule seems staging a come back negating the coalition set up we can hope that the shortsightedness and parochial approach will be on the out. But the danger of authoritarianism looms large. Political maturity on the part of the both – the electoral and elected, will make the change fruitful for our polity. We hope that maturity is setting in.


    1. Although I couldn’t grasp the real worth of the video clip in full, I did have a feel that it is wonderful meant for a concentrated study. My sincere most thanks with regards.


  3. If we can infuse similar vision in different classes of society then we can eradicate this impediment of growth,the coalition government.


  4. Respected Sir,
    The coalition government can not be helpful to our country because the parties of the coalition government are doing work to make strong of their party first and then they will do something for the country. But the one party government does everything to make the strong to the nation first and on this ground the party becomes strong. No extra work is done by the party to make the party strong.


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