Gita in Urdu–Naghm-e-Ilahi:

An eternal source of knowledge and enlightenment, Srimadbhagwat Gita is now available in its new Urdu version named as Srimadbhagwat Gita (Naghm-e-Ilahi). There is hardly any language in which this masterpiece is not translated. The book is published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur, who were the pioneers in bringing out the first translated version in 1991 itself, and now it has been given more of originality in its essence and contents. It is in fact a historical event that Urdu lovers may now grasp its contents more feasibly. I know several people who know only Urdu language and are not at all conversant in Sanskrit in which the book is originally written, or even Hindi in which dozens of its translated versions are available in the market. There are many who claim that this epic was originally written in another ancient most language Pali. There are doubts whether this epic in its Urdu version could prove capable of conveying the real message in a tangible order in relation to its contents but the problem like this is not for Urdu alone and equally applies to all the languages in the world. Every language differs with the other so far as the very essence of original text is concerned. The move so initiated forms a history in itself the credit of which goes to Gita Press. They deserve all praise for the venture.


17 thoughts on “Gita in Urdu–Naghm-e-Ilahi:”

  1. About time I say. How it wasn’t translated into Urdu before this just baffles me…One of the greatest philosophical and religious works in the history of mankind. Act; don’t think about the fruits of your labour…I believe, we all suffer from the dilemma of counting our chickens before they hatch. We put too much emphasis on results and don’t ponder too much on the process.


  2. Respected Sir,
    To translate in Urdu version of Srimadbhagwatgeeta by Gita press Gorakhpur is to try the significance of mankind on the pinnacles. Adoring of the team of Gita Press Gorakhpur and you I want to say that by this epics it will be proved to whole world that there is no different in one religion to another. This act should be appreciated by humanity.


  3. Sir,i regret that i have lost quite a lot of beneficial knowledge by not regularly following yours blogs.I will surely make up.
    By printing Gita in Urdu they have paid their homage to this beautiful crafty language.


    1. Thank you Shubham for getting back to this site. Possibly you were too busy all these days pursuing your studies. Looking forward to your meaningful reactions in days to come. All the best with my affection.


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