This may land them in trouble:

A drop can turn into an ocean and so are different unions of the workers who, if united faithfully, assume a Himalayan strength depending upon the efficacy of the cause and the mission they undertake to pursue. The leaders in the white collared unions in most of the cases are found to be more prone to comforts and convenience at the cost of the workers, a trend growing in graver proportions currently. This weakness of theirs renders them crippled in a larger magnitude to pursue the cause of the workers with the requisite force while negotiating the issues with the respective managements. The sum result of this handicap is vividly visible in the case of several unions as such including till a little time back  giant sized trade union organisations in banking industry mainly State Bank of India with the result that the workers and also the officers stand dragged to most miserable a situation. The workers hankering for some relief are getting only a deep frustration. This is a trend which, if still not arrested, is bound to cause the immeasurable damage to the workforce in days to come.


9 thoughts on “This may land them in trouble:”

  1. Respected Sir,
    To faith of the workers in the leader is to make the union strong and sacrificing individual problems to struggle for the betterment of the members is to make a member a great leader of the union like you Sir. How many time you were ready to leave your job in the welfare of the workers. But today it is only a dream to think like this.


  2. Whatever happens or is happening today is not that all too sudden. Present things have their origin in the past. Present is only manifestation of the past, of course may be it was not that tangible at that time. Also,the conduct of any group or community is largely a reflection of the overall character of the society it comes from. It cannot be any different from its source. The materialistic approach of present day society which drives people to get attracted and entangled in sensuous pleasures including comfort, convenience and leisure is due to the dazzle it comes with. However, the present cannot seek refuge under such excuses as above. They are accountable and answerable for their actions, including the inaction, to the society. The degeneration has become alarming one and the course needs to change. Main stream banking trade unions are divided in so called political and apolitical groups. The leadership of trade unions which drew inspiration and support from leftists – ideological, street show and also inside the legislatures – with gradual and now huge marginalization of their mentors in the society, is somewhat demoralized. Present political dispensation of the country is not conducive to leftists ideology because they also have failed to impress the mainstream India and are on their way out. The leadership in trade unions is in the hands of weak people who are in command, not due to their ability or fighting capability; theirs is only gradual and smooth elevation in the system by virtue of seniority and ‘backdoor management’. They don’t have any fighting capability or instinct at all. Given the present authority of the government, due to overriding majority in the parliament, they are fearful of any collision with it. Although it will be unfair to go that extreme but the suspicion remains in the ability of leadership of trade unions of banking sector. Oppression and oppression alone can revitalize the membership which is no less opportunist and self seeking. For now, tough days are ahead with pygmies in command.


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