Another International Day–Yoga Day:

Many a Days are already there observed as some International Day or the other and after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign on soft power push takes a tangible turn which is quite likely now with 50 nations already endorsing his approach, the next one in series would be YOGA INTERNATIONAL DAY proposed to be observed with effect from next 21st June. After several progressive measures initiated by the Prime Minister Modi this shall be another feather in his cap bringing laurels to the country. Yoga being most significant ancient art of India it has properties to benefit all from a child to an octogenarian as the saying goes that it applies to every one in the age group of 5 to 105 and that is the reason why it’s popularity is growing at a fast speed globally. India has been a leader in disciplines like Vedant and metaphysics, the  theories promoted more by Vibekanand, and so is the case of Yoga in which it not only excels but has to remain a top performer in the field to the advantage and benefit of millions of health conscious people all over the world. Every Indian feels proud of Prime Minister Modi on his keen initiative on Yoga so taken by him.

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10 thoughts on “Another International Day–Yoga Day:

  1. All very well. Why does there need to be a day, specially for it?

    Every day is yoga day for those who practise. Chinese have yoga too. It’s called Taiji. Yoga in motion.

    There is a day for everything, which just makes greeting card companies wealthy.


    1. True, but I think a Day assigned to a particular event does enhance its significance and popularity. My thanks with regards.


      1. Sorry, my friend, Neelkanth. I believe these days lessen any importance for they become banal and meaningless. Lost in the overwhelming day assignations. Maybe it’s different in India?




  3. Respected Sir,
    Although Yoga is the ancient art of our country but it was only to read like wise Patanjalee Yoga Darashan and Yoga Vashishta. It was great Vevakanand who spread it in the whole world, maximum people had not taken advantage from it.Now these days Baba Ramdeo inspired world-wide people to start Yoga for the betterment of their health. Shree Narandra Modi impressed politicians of world from Yoga because Shree Modi is very fond of Yoga. It is the subject of significant for us to declare 21June a INTERNATIONAL DAY.


  4. I also endorse the views of Mr.hirundine608.


  5. Anything that promotes flexibility and a calming of the mind is a good thing. I first became aware of it in Australia more than 50 years ago where mostly women practiced the art. At my age I myself need to start.




  6. I also endorse the views of Mr.hirundine608.


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