Compassionate appointments–an appraisal:

There is an on going flood of numerous individual queries on my email asking for specific development in relation to progress in the  cases of respective aggrieved persons seeking appointment in Bank on compassion basis. Please realise that all individual queries can’t be attended to  as basic issues in most of the cases are common and have already been exhaustively covered in different posts on this blog. My sincere advice to the aggrieved persons is to go through the guidelines released earlier by way of different writeups and they can well be referred to by the concerned individuals. If there is still any problem that doesn’t find place in the posts so referred to, they can of course be referred to us separately preferably by way of a comment instead of sending an email as it is more feasible to follow the problems expressed by way of a comment than doing the same thing via email.

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  2. No body wants to take any pain even for him self and is interested to keep ready in his hand that too by some one else.




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