A world laden with overloads of developments:

There are Vedic sayings to the effect that there may occur a stage when the very earth is not able to bear the burden, or call it an overload, of progress and development. Social development, cultural development and economic development taken all together moving in a direction of reaching pinnacles in different dimensions make the whole world clumsy and suffocating. Looks like the humans today are passing through that phase. Politically, developments are a great channel to progress and prosperity of the society but climax of every thing is too bad and so is in respect of this too. Traffic jams every where including even at highways are a routine feature, unruly crowds at the shopping plazas are a common scene, none has time to ‘stay and stare’ engrossed all the time in activities leading to materialistic pursuits and what miserably lacks is peace, a commodity hardly seen any where. Possibly the olden days were better on this front when peace used to be an easily breathable factor almost all around. The ‘pagans’ then led more peaceful a life compared to extra intellectuals of date. This difference appears to have been a phenomenon varying from age to age and it was out of such a disgust that Wordsworth had to cry in one of his poems –

  • “It moves us not great God, I would rather be a pagan suckled in a creed outworn….”
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8 thoughts on “A world laden with overloads of developments:

  1. Well said Sir. There is no peace any where in the world.


  2. It is a planned, demonic, destruction of society. Perpetrated by Zionists and others. The Judaic faith is further split by Pharisees and Sadducees. If one actually reads what is written by these groups. Most people would be horrified at how little tolerance there, is for those not of their faith.

    The worship of the devil is allowed by Freemasons, within their order. The man Adam Weishaupt. Formed a conspiracy to infiltrate all of the Masonic lodges to promote the “Illuminate”. He was backed financially by Rothschild family.


    The leader of Freemasons in America during 19c. Was Albert Pike. Who was a satanist and leader of KKK. Aleister Crowley, a satanist, moved to America where he further developed his satanic ways. See Bohemian Grove. See also Kabbalah.


    Freemasons put allegiance, to others of their order above all else. Including countries, or laws, or faiths. The ordinary media never talks about this. All major political leaders in America and Canada are freemasons. I would also aver this is true for Europe, both within and without the E.U. One of the signs used by Freemasons is the 5 pointed star. Which signifies their “ownership”. Maybe, curiously? The sign was also adopted by Crowley for summoning demons, through the reverse pentangle.

    The world is run by Freemasons.


    1. The contents read in conjunction with the two links so sent by you do an ample justice to the very theme of the post. My thanks with regards.


  3. Respected Sir,
    The people in high percentages want to be a great leader a great philosopher and a economist without doing any respective hard work. They always invent a short cut way to reach on the goal. Sir, only they are responsible for these burden and to snatch the peace of others also. Only nature is able to establish the peace by her own way or the human can establish the peace to sacrifice himself to save the peace and to save the health of the nature.




  4. As the saying goes, and enumerated in the post itself, too much of anything is bad. The so called development is no exception to this rule. The technology based development which is adding new means of comfort and leisure with every passing day, is, to my opinion, nothing an extra. This all is only a sort of transformation of already existing things. Moreover, the materialistic development is not universal in nature. It differs from country to country, zone to zone, race to race and likes. The human race has made rules for itself and whatever ideas are there, they are based on the experiences of previous generations. Perceptions are also experience driven. Our ancient scriptures tell us about ultimate destruction of the universe (SRISHTI) but it is quite unfair to say that that time is there in very near future for the uncertainty of the certainty known as death in case of any individual bio mass itself is yet to be understood or explored. In such a situation how we can decipher on arrival of final moment of destruction of Srishti. Despite all scientific and technological advancements (development), we have not been able to unravel the mystery behind life or creation of universe for that matter. Theories like Big Bang are theories only and even more strong and logical one(s) coming in future cannot be ruled out. It is true that anything, after reaching pinnacle, takes downwards course but in case of development what that pinnacle is, is not known or defined anywhere. We often say that sky is the limit and infinite which the sky is, how it can be limited to any limit in any sense. Origin of universe has been defined differently in different religions and so is the end also. In such a situation, how one can say with authority that this or that version is true. These all are theories enunciated by minds of finite; the capacity of which is itself unknown. And how can be it known also when the explorer is made of same (finite) elements. The knowledge that we have explored so far is but discovery and an unimaginable small a portion of that infinite. Our existence in the universe is even smaller than a sand particle available on earth because earth has been measured and the universe has so far been beyond measurement and without any measurement, no comparison can be drawn. However, so far as the peace is concerned, it is a state of mind regardless of any development. An undeveloped can be peaceful and a developed can be otherwise. The reverse is also equally true. Peace comes from contentment and detachment, a theory which only orient believes. For now, oriental philosophy has been eclipsed by western materialistic ideology for materialism and consumerism give immediate satisfaction, although momentary in nature. Peace has little to do with the development. Let us learn to Live, unmindful of doomsday for the end has been told to be certain, with or without our pondering over it; keep ready, for eventuality may fall upon any time, utterly sudden and unwarned. Forewarned is forearmed.


    1. Excellent. In fact you have richly supplanted the very theme of the post. I wish the readers take full advantage of the thought provoking feedback so provided by you. Your comment is quite worth being published as an exclusive post and I am giving a thought to this. My thanks with affection.
      PS:’all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos. The universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and contains a vast number of galaxies; it has been expanding since its creation in the Big Bang about 13 billion years ago’.


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