Cruelty sans a limit–cows vs pig fight:

Ever heard the cows killing a pig? But it does happen and they are made to do so at the behest and command of their keepers. Such a practice is in vogue since ages mostly organised by Yadava families in a locality known as Gokul Nagri near the Dhopeshwar Nath Temple in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh, India). Modus operandi of the ritual is to capture a pig tying its legs with a tight rope tossing the hapless animal to fall in front of a cows herd arranged for the purpose who gore and batter it to death using their horns. The dogma that supports the ritual is the story that “When Lord Krishna lifted the Goverdhan Parvat on his finger to protect his people from the wrath of rain god Indra, he kept the mountain in the air for seven days. All animals and humans took shelter beneath the hill. However, one day a demon named Tarkasur disguised himself and attacked Lord Krishna, who was already holding aloft the Goverdhan Parbat. Later, Krishna ordered the cows underneath the Goverdhan to fight Tarkasur who had taken the form of a pig. Since then this fight is replayed and organised every where….”

Life is the same for a man, a woman, an animal, a priest or any live being and killing an innocent soul is nothing short of a ghastly crime, be it a ritual of some religion or the other or any thing else. Where are the animal activists?

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  2. The whole notion beggars belief. How can people be so callous? Should the story of Krishna be true? .. And, I have no reason to disbelieve it. Do these people really think that is what Lord Krishna would want?

    Pigs contain human DNA. Which may be the real reason for them being deemed unclean?

    The cows pictured here, look to be of the holstein variety. It’s difficult to believe they would be capable of goring pigs? Usually, like the graphic shows, they have no horns. They are used in Europe and N. America for milk and also slaughter. They are quite docile and tractable, being bred over centuries for the purpose. Maybe the bulls would be capable? I tend to think that the Asian type of cow would be used? Similar to the ones shown in seals and illustrations, found at Harappa?

    As you say, “Where are the animal activists”?


    1. I have made a due note of anomalies so pointed out by you with reference to photograph of the cows without horns. My thanks with regards.


      1. t was not intended as a critique. It is likely difficult to find appropriate graphics?


  3. Narrative of the post is painfully moving. cruelty is always bad, more so the like one as above, in Hindi heartland and in the name of the entity who is presiding deity of Vaishnavites. However, it is not that only these people are engaged in cruel acts. The concept and practice of sacrifice (of innocent animals) is found in almost all religions and sects, across the globe. Very recently, a festival was celebrated which is essentially killing of innocent animals in the name of God. No religion or sect for that matter, recommends / prescribes killing of a lion, tiger or any animal which can effectively resist the act, to please any God or deity. All these rituals and practices denote the only truth that only the poor and defenceless are made to suffer; for whatever pretext – be it religion or any other. Nobody calls animal activists when cruelty against animals is perpetrated by a whole set of civilization and non -vegetarians (may be, many friends commenting in the blog included). Bad is always bad, evil is always evil. Nevertheless, at least Vaishnavites should refrain from such cruel and violent practices. May Govind grant them compassion!


    1. Yet again another masterpiece. My affectionate thanks.


  4. Respected Sir,
    According to our ancient history this cruel acts was being done thousand and thousand year before but when human felt about this cruelty they took oath to go from darkness to be effulgent to untruth to towards truth and from death to towards immortality. And it is fact that comparatively human becomes conscience in this area.
    Obviously we are not 100% non-vegetarians but we should straggle to be non-vegetarian. We should hope that we will be and will hate these cruel acts.




  5. Respected Sir,
    “but we should struggle to be vegetarian” I wanted to write it instead of above similar sentence.


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