Worshipping a frog:

It’s all a matter of faith to worship some god or a goddess but, as the faith knows no limitation, it could very well include some animal or a creature for the purpose. There is a temple in Lakhimpur district of Uttar Pradesh (India) exclusively devoted to frogs known as Manduk mandir (Frog Temple). The temple attracts huge crowds of devotees during festivals of Mahashivratri and Deepawali with the faith that it bestows prosperity and happiness to the people of not only the locality but any one from any where who turns up there to seek the blessings of the deity. There is a story in the background as narrated by the locals that their king in the olden days had some big trouble and this vanished with the blessing of a frog in the vicinity and it was to commemorate the event that this temple was constructed by him. Pridyuman Narain Dutta Singh who represents 7th generation of the then ruler in the olden days says:

  • “Frog is the symbol of fertility. Therefore, people believe a visit to the temple ensures being blessed by children and their health. Frogs also herald prosperity”.

It is after all the very faith that matters leading people to believe in any object as a man, a woman, an animal or even creepers, and this is what pays in terms of a tangible outcome.


25 thoughts on “Worshipping a frog:”

  1. God comes in many shapes and forms. One can believe in frogs, monkeys, or snakes. Show me a creature that is without God. For the life that is our planet, is but one small part of the whole cosmos. As is the life in each creature, upon our earth.


  2. Ours is a society with deep rooted practice of idolatry. The all too simple and pervasive explanation that the God exists in each & every particle (kan-kan) or being for that matter, many times gets manifested in ways other than the principle as stated above. Pluralism of god, at least as it seems to me, has resulted in shifting of loyalties from one deity to other on different occasions or days. As a society we are getting more and more ritualistic without making any real impact on our persona (soul). Probably it is this form of worship or religious practice which does not prohibit people from accepting bribes (largely by creating circumstances for it) after their prolonged session of PUJA and TILAK adoring the forehead and making compromises on all forms of vices and like. It is true that the same omnipresent entity is there in the idol but the difference between the omnipresent and the body mass of idol must be realised. Worshiping Him in different forms and shapes actually drives one away from the real He and the vested interests create and propagate so called miracles and other false stories to increase the devotee base in order to serve their own purpose. We worship the same creature at one place and insult and torment at another.


    1. An endorsement to your views as from hirundine matters much as he is a great scholarly person. I too join him in admiring your views in a way on the topic.My thanks for expressing a deep insight on the subject.


  3. Respected Sir,
    As you wrote about a Mandir in the name of Manduk and every body knows that there is a Manduk Asana and a Upnishad in the name of Mandukya. These all Manduks give us blessings to live in the society to be fit physically and to bestow prosperity and happiness.In my opinion God never provoke any body to accept bribes it is our immanent thoughts that what we should do.. When we go in our Pooja Ghar and we pay respect before the picture of our parents with folded hands. Is it called sifting of the loyalties. Our loyalty is on different level according to our respected person. Our Vedas says that on the earth the mother is supreme. She is great not only the God but also the father and Guru and this great idea has achieved to the society by the Ritualistic.To make good or bad it is totally depend on the ceremony whatever we give to our children. We people combine with one another by affection or we say by love either it was idol or a creature and every body say this love ‘GOD’. We worship this God in different shapes and we imagine that our God is in Kan Kan. It is my opinion Sir, if anything is wrong kindly excuse me.


    1. Your views are quite correct and relevant. If God is there, He is every where. A divine soul is capable of seeing it in all the objects live or even otherwise. My affectionate thanks.


  4. I seek sincere excuses from Pandeyji, a senior and respected colleague, inasmuch as he seems to be unnerved over sifting (shifting) loyalties and, to some extent, comments on idolatry. Sir, the great and ancient most scriptures which our Vedas are, probably talk about the Brahmin (the Purusha, the Omnipresent, the Omniscient or whatever He has been called as) and not worshiping of any idol. The sages who got revelations and compiled Vedas were no idol worshipers. Our scientific temper and approach which these sages practised got gradually eroded with the onset and spread of idolatry. Instead of treading & searching within for realizing the Atman, performing rituals in the name of God has given birth to some amount of hypocrisy, superstitions and middlemen between the He and the seeker. The unfortunate compromise of purity of soul, disinterest in pursuit of Knowledge and gradual diminish of Rishis and their final vanishing is largely attributed to these symbolic rituals. Vedas also do not teach any form of worship which we generally understand it for. Again, Manduka Upnishad in on way associated with frog; it is compilation of revelations to sage Maduk and talks about AUM – the Vedic symbol of Brahmin. ……..My only viewpoint was that we need to get the sword and not the sheath. Regards.




    1. Good that you have acknowledged the comment of RS Pandey. Better it is to make sure that you click ‘REPLY’ shown against the name of the person who makes a comment while replying it to put it at the right place.


    2. Sir, a senior which you are, please let me remain happy with your blessings. It is for good that we engaged in some Vedic discussions. Hypocrisy really pains me which has found an outlet, thanks to the post. Regards to our great leader and you.


      1. It is fruitful for me that I am not only talking to you but also am seeing to you on the eye of past to deliver speech to discuss in meeting of association and now to comment on the article of Param Adernia Panadit Ji. I am very pleased to day. Thank you


  5. there is a “rat” temple in rajasthan 🙂
    in west bengal toads are married when farmers are facing drought. Quite ceremoniously, poor amphibeans! I wonder what might have been happening in the mind of those poor things that are captured and wedded off!


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