Uncleaning India movement:

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is sacked by Congress high command Sonia Gandhi and he is no more a Congress spokesman for the simple reason that he accepted the invitation of Prime Minister Modi to join clean India movement (Swakchh Bharat Abhiyan). How funny? Looks like Tharoor, an intellectual and the one who is known for his frank views on different matters, is prompted to join some movement like ‘Unclean India’ as against ‘Clean India’. Clean India is a chaste movement once launched by the father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and presently reiterated by Prime Minister Modi. This is an issue for every Indian and can’t be restrained within the boundaries of some politics or the other. Indian history is full of names in different political parties who tried to sabotage even the freedom movement of the country at some point or the other and if semblance of the same is reflected on issues like ‘Clean India movement’ there is not much of a surprise. Politics hardly knows ethics and there are political leaders who care three hoots for something altogether positive if it doesn’t fit into their own system of thoughts negatively based on a politics of revenge. No person in the country is supposed to oppose a move that is positively in its interest be it a giant sized personality or a small fry. National interest is supreme and above every thing else and any move against it amounts to an anti national activity. In fact Tharoor’s action was every inch in the interest of the Nation and sacking him for this amounts only to an anti national activity but it certainly puts a question mark against Sonia Gandhi on her credentials as a bonafide citizen of the country.

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8 thoughts on “Uncleaning India movement:

  1. Respected Sir,
    Now these days the definition of politics fully converted from development of the country to selfishness. If a leader says something good in respect of other leader of apposition party then members of his party may not believe to him. To day it can not be that the members of every party can appreciate his commendable work in the interest of the Nation like Shree Atal Bihari Bajpai when he said to our ex prime minister Late Smt Indira Gandhi “Maha Durga at the time of historical victory against Bangla Desh.


  2. One imagines that by extension that the Italian waitress, backs the “dirty” movement?


  3. Sir,
    It has become the fashion in India to criticize the opposite party,may be right or wrong. If Mr Tharoor has said some thing in favor f Mr Modi the prime-minister of India , what is wrong in it. Every good thing should be praised. In our association also if you say some thing against their wishes the union leader will not tolerate and will speak against you. . . This has become a role model for the leaders ,do not accept the criticism and do not favor the opposition. I congratulate Mr Tharoor for his praise soft spoken.






  5. Systems germinate from the society which is in turn constituted by people. No system can be any different from the people it springs from. The political class essentially comes from amongst ourselves and it is an institutional or sum total reflection of our own view points, prejudices and preferences. The intolerance and hypocrisy which our political system is manifesting, is our own creation. I don’t find any exception to this practice. This is equally true with regard to individuals too.It is only the cycle of who is where. We are voting dynasties to legislatures who are making mockery of democracy (republic). Dynastic affiliations have become guarantee for success. Issues have been relegated and individual whims are brazenly propagated and for success! Some time back in this very blog I had written that if Modi could outsmart political dynasties, it would be a great service to our democracy and polity. Changing tone & colour is nothing new, rather a time tested formula of our politicians. Mr. Tharoor is not a politician of grass root origin. He has made a parachute entry into politics and some times he has given opinion of sorts which is termed as ‘his own’ when found uncomfortable to the taste of master (leader of the party). It is also not that Mr. Tharoor is that gentle or honest practitioner. He is facing rough weather due to sudden and unnatural demise of his third better half and a non-Congress government at the helm with absolute majority of its own and a leader who has overawed one and all, including stalwarts of his own party. Ways of our politicians are stranger than the politics itself! Generally Mr. Tharoor is not comfortable with cattle class but, probably, time has compelled him to behave, at least for now. However, good things are always good, in whatever form and circumstances they come. Decimating of Congress and other dynastic outfits only can give rise to issue based public debate and polity and result in real reflection of people aspirations. The shameless and selfish rant of Gandhi and Nehru by Congress, of Lohia, Acharya Narendra Dev and JP by so called socialists including SP and JDU and of other former greats by other politicians can be checked by we the people only. Tharoors come and go but the kingpin behind inclusion and exclusion of these people remains intact. It is the kingpin who needs to be humbled, Tharoors are small pawns getting tossed at convenience.


  6. Really it should not take a movement for anyone to clean up where they live. It just takes some personal responsibilty. Albeit there does need to be a place to put all of the trash, but it is up to the people to clean up just the area they are in. With that alone everyone personifies what Mahtma Ghandi has said about being the change that we wish to see.

    It is exactly like our bodies. Those who care not for them are stricken with disease and sloven appearance. While those who take responsibilty are in proper health and pleasant to look upon. Being healthy starts with you and spreads to your surroundings.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health




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