She does deserve most coveted a recognition:

Malala Yusafzai, the girl from Pakistan, is now the winner of Nobel Peace Prize, a coveted most honour internationally. The brave girl did deserve the great recognition. Undaunted she didn’t care the least for the bullets of Taliban and is now on her well cherished mission of championing the cause of education to women folk all over the world. This was an honour to her country Pakistan too which is otherwise not that rich in regard to top celebrities like this with the exception of Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam who was only badly ignored in his own country. Barelly 17, the brave girl has procured a recognition not for herself alone, she has rather done it in a bigger measure for her country Pakistan also who has every reason to feel joyous on this count. Not only women but people in general all over the world now look to her as a great pace setter revolutionising their cause. Long live Malala.


15 thoughts on “She does deserve most coveted a recognition:”

  1. Respected Sir,
    Malala Yusuf Zai a girl of Pakistan and Shree Kailash from India were deserve for noble prize because they did struggle to save the children to not miss use in the society by ill person. Malala accept the challenge of Taliban and bravely did what she wanted. The leaders of Pakistan should learn from great girl Malala. Being a student she fought for the education of girls and injured with the bullet of Taliban. And Shree kailash Satyarthi did struggle to save the children to not misuse in other area like labour problems. I salute to Malala and Shree Kailash Satyarthi.


  2. Of all the disciplines in which Nobel prizes are given, the one for Peace has been the most debated or controversial for that matter. Right from Martin Luther King to Camp David heroes (Anwar Sadaat and Begin), Bill Clinton and many a likes, the selection of the person or the organisation, has not been above board. It has often been alleged, and with credence, that the qualification or eligibility of the awardee was not the sole factors in decision making. The affinity or influence of some particular ideology or lobby/block also played key role in arriving at the decision. Going by the choices so far, it appears that the selectors owe allegiance to a particular ideology and not the service rendered by the selected person to the cause of humanity alone. Malala has certainly showed commendable courage and determination in the face of terrorist outfits who had virtually got her finished, but for the mercy of God and the prompt medical help of Britain, but the haste move of the Nobel committee to chose her does raise some eyebrows. The capitalist lobby, first encourages and supports fundamentalist elements to resist the ones they are opposed to and projects them as heroes and champions of humanity but when these very forces start raising fingers at them or turn their weapons against them, become villains and oppressors overnight, real or symbolic. Malala deserves but the system is not fair and transparent enough for any impartial and objective scrutiny.Think of the probability in which Pak Taliban forces were fighting against USSR and they would have targetted Malala, then would Malala had been lucky enough for being recognised by Nobel committee? Malala thank God that Talibans are now opposed to their former masters who are in command of all resources, including propaganda machines!


    1. Radically novel ideas worth a preserve. Nicely analysed. In fact Nobel Prizes too are not sans a politics and that is the reason anomalies like the ones so pointed out by you arise. My thanks with affection.


    2. Could not have put it better. Thanks for your honest understanding. One only has to look at the recipients of this award from years past, to realize how much of a farce these Nobel prizes are.

      Funded by a patent on dynamite and others. These awards in all categories are a blot, on pretence, of respectability. It likely has little bearing on the accomplishment of one small girl, Ms. Yousafzai. More around the propaganda of “freedom”.

      The current patents on “smokeless powders” used to propel bullets. Are found here,

      P.S. The new background colour of blog, is very restful for eyes!


  3. Malala’s murder attempt exposes the fear what might educated woman influence have on the fundamentalist’s paternalistic vision of the world. Much harder to control the educated. Well said sir.


  4. you know neelkanth, i somehow think that mr. r.s.pande left an almost accurate account. Malala is brave, very brave, I cant imagine such courage but Nobel Peace Prize? I think she is just being used as a pawn against their once pawns who have gone rogue now. sorry.

    I get the other guy who got it, he dedicated his whole life to save children, and got it at a ripe old age, that is intelligible.

    but i will ditto to mr. pande, nobel just like any other prize no longer holds the height it once held.



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