Compassionate appointments–a note for aggrieved persons:

There are lot many queries in relation to compassionate appointments in banks. In fact an issue like a compassion based appointment is not to be taken like a buttered bread to be just swallowed; it’s a ticklish matter required to be followed up meticulously and not like just some thing in a casual manner. The problem is that there is nothing like a readily available solution capsule to resolve it and the persons concerned may have to exert at their best with a determination committed to secure the due results. Based on certain salient features emerging out of the large number of queries raised by the people, given below are the guidelines strictly to be adhered to:

  • Why a representation? A detailed petition by way of a representation has invariably to be addressed to the branch of the bank where the deceased employee or the one who got terribly incapacitated while in active service worked last with full particulars. This is insisted by us for the purpose of keeping the issue alive so long it meets some tangible results. Let the employers have no chance to say that the matter was not logically and timely referred to them.
  • Language problem: There are several requests from the spouse or the dependents that they be helped suitably in the matter of language as they are conversant only in their regional language and they don’t know English. Several of such requests are from Andhra Pradesh, Chennai and Kerala. Without making language an issue here, English is compatibly convenient for online communications and it suits bankers too. Such persons can very well seek the help of the respective union(s) or the other staff or the retired employees who are available in every nook and corner of the country. This comfortably holds good in the case of State Bank of India in whose case there is hardly any place all over the country where their employees, both in active service and as retired personnel, are not having their own colonies to reside. Alternatively, the aggrieved persons can communicate with us in their own language if they have some compatible online arrangements with them and we shall see to it that it is duly translated.
  • Job entitlement: Normally those who did not accept ex-gratia earlier have a better chance of employment as against those who already availed it. Based on academic qualification, jobs are normally offered in clerical cadre as Assistants subject to the limit of 5% of overall vacancies available in clerical cadre which obstruction has already been disputed by us vide a post on this blog in which connection the following link has to be referred to:
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14 thoughts on “Compassionate appointments–a note for aggrieved persons:

  1. even though I am not against compassionate ground appointments and quota appointments but some sectors should be spared, unless the candidate is eligible for it.


  2. I make a due note of your valuable observation. My sincere thanks.




  4. Nice sir.




  6. Surprisingly this comment is not visible on the relative post, I don’t know why, but I am extremely thankful for your so nice a feedback. I wish this appears on the relative post itself for the benefit of the readers.


  7. Thank you for the promt reply sir.,yes i was offered ex-gratia but i didnot avail it, i hav been following up with the union all this years, its almost 10years that i had applied for the job.


  8. Is there any development regarding compassionate appointment or ex-gratia prior to 31.07.2004,sir?please inform us.


  9. Is there any development regarding compassionate appointment or ex-gratia prior to 31.07.2004,sir?please inform father died in 2001.


      1. You are fully entitled to ex-gratia. Compassionate appointments which were stopped long back got only reopened but with the provision that they are effective only from 5th August’2014. You may still make out your case in detail and submit it to the Bank’s branch your father last served. You may also seek the assistance of your union in the circle. You must follow the guidelines contained as a post in the following link:


  10. Dear Mr.NeelKanth Jee,

    My Father (Late Sunil Kr.Sinha) was Asstt. Manager in SBI (S.K.Puri Branch,Patna) and died on 29th of July 2002 (Due to Hepatitis C) during his service period with 6 yrs of service left. We are four brother and bereaved Mother. We applied for Job on Compassionate ground for our eldest brother through the SBI,S.K Puri Branch.

    During job My father had taken almost all type of Loans (Personal loan, Housing Loan, Cooperative loan, Consumer loan, Festival loan etc) from Bank due to which
    Take home salary was very low (after deduction of EMI against loan) approx. 6700/-per month against Gross salary of Rs.19000/-.We had also borrowed money from family members for his treatment.

    After several follow-up eventually his accounts get settled from bank (PF, Gratuity, Leave encashment, LIC, compensation from SBI Cooperative) almost Rs100,00,00/- and full pension of Rs.9000/- per month for next 5 years. But Bank rejected our application on the ground that, Since we were living in good condition with last drawn salary Rs.6700/- and the benefits got after his death (Calculated per month i.e Interest on 10, 000,00 @ 9% per year is 7500/- per month and family pension of Rs.9000/-. Gross Rs.16500/-) is more than this. Though they didn’t considered other liabilities.
    Unfortunately all the loans were about to close with 5-6 EMIs which they adjusted from settlement. Had it been paid off 5-6 months before, Last Gross salary would be more than compensation amount paid per month. So just for the 5- 6 months they made their different decision.

    We were also not aware about the Ex-Gratia Payment so we didn’t claimed the same.

    Sir, Can you please advise us, how we can reinitiate this case for Appointment of my eldest brother.


  11. Mukesh Kumar Sharma February 19, 2015 — 6:11 am

    My brother in law was Asstt. Manager in State Bank of India. He was expired on 13/04/2013. He was suffered from Brain Tumer (cancerous). The compassionate appointment in the Bank is started from 05th October, 2014.
    In this situation, please give information about compassionate appointment in the Bank.


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