Anti incumbency factor both in Maharashtra and Haryana:

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is leaving no stone unturned to secure a massive mandate as from the voters both in Maharashtra and Haryana in the elections taking place there shortly. Both Congress and BJP, besides other smaller political groups, are in a keen contest with no exception on mud slinging against each other. BJP is all out to cash on Modi’s every day growing popularity and Congress working on their ‘High Command’ culture using Sonia Gandhi in a biggest possible measure. Rahul Gandhi is almost side lined for the present obviously for the simple reason that he was a flop during the last general elections. Modi is out to address as many rallies as possible in both the States and in Maharashtra alone he is scheduled to address as many as 20 meetings. Anti incumbency factor is a great tool for BJP in both Haryana and Maharashtra. Apparently Congress appears to have a limping foot on the surface. The party lacks any leader who could play a charismatic role in the field as against BJP who are jubilant on Modi’s triumphant visit to America securing huge investments for India and there lies their big strength. Their moral is on a high pitch. What has to be seen is whether Modi’s charisma works again like it did in the last general elections or Sonia Gandhi is able to still resuscitate some life to otherwise collapsing the Congress bogey.

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9 thoughts on “Anti incumbency factor both in Maharashtra and Haryana:

  1. Respected Sir,
    Every party wants to make one party government in Haryana and Maharashrra because of this there is no any compromise between Shive Sena and BJP. Sonia and Sharad Pawar were also not anxious to compromise with each other. There are many party to fight the election. There fore enough mud should be there to sling . Every party is in suspicion about the result. If they will have not majority then they will try to compromise.It is the cause not to declare the name of the CM in both province.






  3. I too endorse the views of Sri Avadesh Pandey, how ever I must feel otherwise disagreement between Shiv Sena and BJP.


  4. It is true that BJP is again depending upon Modi’s charisma in the coming State elections in Maharashtra & Haryana and Modiji is going to address so many rallies/meetings there. But in Maharashtra, it is going to be a high jerk to BJP as they have separated themselves from Shivsena and have broken a quite old alliance. In my view, being an elder partner, BJP should have compromised and sacrificed/agreed to offer the CM’s seat to Sena, which is the main bone of contention (although both parties are not publicly expressing this). This strong partnership should not have ended on the issue of shareing of seats, as they say. Afterall, theirs was a very old, well-knit and strong political alliance. It is spreading some sort of negative message among citizens of India, in general and people of Maharashtra, in particular, as Modiji have expressed many a times that he will take all parties along for development of India and also in the wake of his slogan “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”. It has also given an issue to opposition parties too, as they have now some topic to speak against Modiji and would definitely try to tarnish his image. Now, Uddhav Thackeray has opened guns against BJP & Modi and is asking voters to ensure BJP’s defeat, although BJP is resisting to speak against Sena. But till what time? If Sena continues to speak against BJP harshly, BJP would also have to respond to save themselves in Maharashtra. The trend inside the Sena appears to foreclose all options of a post-poll alliance also with the BJP, if no party gains full majority there. In my opinion, I wish am proved wrong, BJP won’t get sufficient seats there and even may fall down in the number of seats they won earlier. Now, the other Thackeray, Raj Thackeray, is also speaking against BJP. The other parties may also get benefit of this broken alliance. It is definitely going to be mess in Maharashtra elections result. Let us see, what happens.


    1. Quite mature and aptly made an analysis on the topic. My thanks with affection.


  5. where is a good, nice multi-party system that is essential part of a democracy!


    1. Is it not that multi party system always suffers from infighting? My sincere thanks.


  6. I hope BJP will win in Maharashtra and Hariyana


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