When to retire from work?

This is a matter of debate whether one has to retire on a scheduled date after the relative term is over or one should have the option so long he/she is fit to serve. Position quite differs from undertaking to undertaking and sector to sector. Politics too plays a vital role in the matter. In the entertainment area one can’t continue beyond a time till which the audience so wants like in the film industry. Amitabh Bachhan continues in full form even after he entered the 8th decade of his life as against several others much younger to him who retired long back. Aishwarya Rai Bachhan has in fact crossed her age beyond public acceptability level after she got married and became mother of a female child. She practically got retired but is staging a comeback after years in Sanjai Gupta’s film ‘Jazba’ with Irfan Khan in a lead role. So are the instances of Madhuri Dixit Nene, Kareena Kapur, Rani Mukherjee and certain others. BJP retired Atal Bihari Vajpai, L.K. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi from active positions on the grounds of age. In public undertakings, the age is scheduled in specific terms on service record but several of them are allowed to continue with one extension after the other mostly on pick and choose basis. For some persons even the relative rules are modified to accommodate them. Be it any sector or undertaking, the honest approach demands that an uniform pattern be fixed on the basis of health and fitness of the officials concerned allowing them to continue till they satisfactorily are in a better health condition fit enough to perform their jobs and responsibilities capably like it is in the film industry where capability to perform matters and not merely the age.


11 thoughts on “When to retire from work?”

  1. another bachchan fan? honestly i will never, ever understand why people are so crazy about him 🙂

    I hated him in his prime days, now I can suffer him, liked him in handcounted movies like milli, abhiman, zanjeer etc. Never admired his persona or talent 🙂

    Guess that is why my favorite actors never shoot through Indian charts where as my favorites in hollywood rule there!

    Al Pacino must be a decade or so younger than Bachchan but he gets better with every movie! so?

    Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Helen Hunt…their advantage is their audience is matured, they dont want susan sarandon to act like Kristen Stewart or Emma Watson. 😦

    If someone asks me to act like my nephew or nieces I will ask that person to take a hike, unfortunately Indian movie stars cant do that, public wont watch that movie.


  2. Respected Sir,
    It is fact that on the ground of pick and choose some one are allowed to extend their service after retirement. which is not fair.As I think that after retirement who is fit physically then they should be allowed to serve and who is mentally fit they should be allowed to serve official work.


  3. I think it is very much difficult to form any uniform policy or make any guide line which is acceptable to all. As referred to Atal Behari Bajpai, Murli Manohar Joshi or Lal Krishna Advani – all are having a vast difference by health point of view. There are various factors especially in political circle which are highly countable in the light of work factor.As such I don’t that to frame any demarcating is possible.


  4. Sir.. In govt. jobs there must be a certain date for retirement which enables the employee to care for his family and perform other domestic and social responsibilities but in other social services the experience and guidance of senior learned personalities is quite essential and is also of a high importance.. Now we can see the failure of many system and debility occuring in many organizations due to overlooking of such guiders who created a sky lamp for others..


  5. Well said Sir. In various Govt. departments, officials are allowed to continue for several years after their scheduled age of retirement, viz. 60 years (truely on pick & choose basis). In educational Universities, lecturers are allowed to continue beyond 60 years of age. In some other Public Sector Undertakings also, officials are allowed beyond 60. In USA, persons employed in Govt. Sector are allowed to remain in their respective jobs until they are medically fit and are willing to continue. But, in our country it is not so, mainly because of huge number of unemployed youth. But it is not applied here for politicians. They are in the active politics well after their 60 years of age.


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