Compassionate appointments -yes, jointly we can make it:

No dearth of people suffering from tortuous agonies and so are the families rendered helpless after their bread earner meets a mishap and is no more while in service or immediately thereafter with the spouse along with dependents running helter skelter for some source of their sustenance. The employers particularly in banking industry normally suffer from a negative tendency in the matter with the result that they turn down the request for compassionate appointment on some flimsy ground or the other. Such cases need to be followed up meticulously where all concerned are required to assertively exert and continue so till the goal is reached. Bhagat, a sincere follower of this blog, expressed a deep concern in the matter calling upon all to contribute their might jointly and unitedly and the call so given by him does deserve a close attention. As for me as referred to by Bhagat, I am already harnessed to the task as a mission with a commitment besides other areas of welfare of the workforce. As a matter of ready reference, his appeal by way of a comment is reproduced below:

Sep 29, 2014 @ 10:54:18 Edit

We need each and everybody support and from every corner of this Nation, when there is support from every corner (we always need guidance of person like Mr.Neelkanth) we can fight for the families who are still waiting in the hopes that they will get justice.

There are many genuine cases where for them also it is being denied, in present scenario it’s very difficult to survive for a day without money and when this type of incidents occur in a family it is very difficult to take the burden all of the sudden.

And to complete the process of Full and Final settlement process it takes certain time and until then what about those family members and again in that lots of formalities which make them to move from  pillar to post.

So in this cause we always need support of experienced person like Mr.Neelkanth and it would be a great pleasure for all of us if he guides and supports us in every part of this fight.”



27 thoughts on “Compassionate appointments -yes, jointly we can make it:”

  1. Respected Sir,
    Shri Bhagat gi has nice suggestions.But I want to add pensioners case who retired before 2002 with compassionate appointment for struggle. But it is depend only on your instruction.


  2. Sir…. Thanks to Shri Bhagat for highlighting the need of the hour… After miss interpretation of a supreme court judgement the banks discontinued the facility of compassionate appointments deserting the kith and kins of bank employees to face unbearable agony… The issue was not retaliated with due spirit and honesty as leadership of Neelkanth’s spirit is lacking in banking trade unions.. It is a matter of utter shame that all the government departments extended the facility but it was only discarded in banks and insurance..Now after a gap of long years the facility is restored but having some handicaps leaving no relief for pre August 2014 cases. Now you are remembered sir by all those who have pain for bereaved families… With due regard and begging pardon I want to recite lines as below..

    Salute to you sir…


  3. Friends,

    As i have said from the begining that we need each and everybody support and everybody inputs are most welcome and this will not be limited to Compassionate Appointment.

    Even i am contacting the people who are facing this kind of issue or similar to this and even if anybody wish to join they are also most welcome even i am in the social network like Facebook..

    My mail



    1. I feel glad on your inclination to serve the people in distress and the measures you have initiated in the matter are quite encouraging. Let the readers take full advantage of it. All the best with my thanks.


  4. true words. i will ditto to d.n.sharma, even though i will really love it if our government includes the non government employees in their tattered wings, they too are human beings, their famillies too breathe and eat!

    Indian Government has created two distinct classes in working world- government and non-government employees. First category is royals/ slave-owners, the second slaves!


  5. Friends,
    I too agree with you people, why such a bifurcation. The policies and benefits will differ from Central, State and private sector employees.

    Here it is the mistake of the policy makers, but when the common man approaches the court for the justice, even court denies the justice by stating that as per Article 16 “Equal opportunity should be given in public employment, hence Compassionate Appointment cannot be encouraged”, but the question here is whether this Article 16 applies only for other employees and not for the Central , State Government employees, but so far no one has tried to convey this to the policy makers from past so many years.

    The sad part here is even the Unions also from so many years have not raised their voice strongly.

    Society has been divided upon religion, then on caste basis and now in the working sector it has been divided into Government Employees and Non Government Employees (with different policies and benefits).

    But they (policy makers) should not forget that all the employees pay the same tax and even they work for the development of same nation.

    By providing appointment on Compassionate Basis does not affect the meritorious candidates, but it gives a sudden relief to the Deceased Employee Family to greater extent.

    Please also join us on the FaceBook for this movement showing your support. Mail ID:

    Also I would like to once again thank Mr.Neelkanth Sir, for creating such a wonderful platform, which is drawing attention of so many people.



  6. My sincere thanks. I do admire the task you have effectively joined. More the people to respond more are the chances of the mission to succeed. Wish you all the best. Your mail ID as quoted in your comment was not recognised in the first instance but it worked when I corrected it as deleting its prefix ‘id’. I have corrected it in your comment by creating necessary space between id and Bhagat. Please check.


  7. dear sir
    mere father 16 june 2011 ko death hui .us time compentation ground par nokari nahi thi supreme court ka order tha to stay laga .ok
    but modi Sarkar ne allounce kiya nokari fir di jayegi
    ye done order ek dusre par opposite hai . ex gratia dediya gaya wo dependent ka faisla tha ya supreme court ka order tha .kabhi bord ka faisla mana jara hai to kahi Sarkar ka to kahi cort ka .esme dependent ki kya galti hai jo agust 2014 se pahle death hui hai unke liye nokri nahi hai
    sahi suggestion dei kya hume koi benefit nahi hoga


    1. In fact the very issue that the benefit of compassionate appointment be extended to the cases of pre 5/8/2014 is already being pursued with the government and the banks the outcome of which is still awaited. There is apparently no reason why the authorities concerned should not agree to it.


  8. Sir
    My father worked with bank of Baroda as head chashier when he died in 2006
    I talk with some Union leaders in regards of compassionate requritment and he suggest you just wait for some time because they are waiting for new gulidliness for previous case .
    What I can do
    Please suggests me


  9. Hi sir
    I too suffering from same problem.since after death of my father k.chidananda a officer in canara bank on 15/04/2007.i strongly support to bhagat sir and guiding of neelakanth sir.


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