Vasudhaiv kutumbakam (The whole world as a family):

वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम


Watching TV a day before I found that the announcer misspelt the sanskrit words वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम (the whole world as a family) while highlighting the speech of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in United Nations. She talked of Vaasudev instead of Vasudhaiv. Such errors are common with TV artists many of whom keep themselves unmindful of  transmitting a wrong message as against what it actually stands for. Hers was a connotation totally devoid of the depth and gravity with which Prime Minister Modi passed on his great message to the whole world. Such errors need to be taken seriously and suitably addressed to avoid uncalled for meanings. In the strife ridden world of today the message of peace and unity heralded by Modi in the United Nations using the ancient Indian saying वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम marks a significant event of a great historical perspective. Let the whole world be treated as if they are the members of one family and not the separatists is what the message of Modi was. Even if a fraction of the essence behind this message is adhered to by the powers that be all over the world, the present day world of turmoil and upheavals can be transformed as the one with peace, harmony, love and welfare directed to the people in general.

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7 thoughts on “Vasudhaiv kutumbakam (The whole world as a family):



  2. Respected Sir,
    It is a great article of noble thoughts to make the whole world as a family.All the philosophers sages monks and our scriptures were already announce about this family. But wrong pronunciation by a Indian lady was not good..


  3. No doubt it is very noble thought which is stated by Sri Modi in U.S.A. I feel proud on our Indian culture in which such thoughts oriented thousands and thousands years before.


  4. Sir…. Very many times you have said that people not knowing their past can not build a bright future.. The modern education is de-rooting the generation from the past, so the announcer misspelt a great phrase causing a big damage to its great meaning having a great message….Perhaps the announcer did not hear the word VASHUDHAIV and Vaasudev in its true meaning…




  6. Nicely explained


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