Outsourcing–a thorny most issue between Obama and Modi:

Once denied visa to visit America, an ocean of enthusiasm awaited Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, when he landed there the other day as a dignitary. This was historical in the sense that hardly ever any dignitary from India visiting America received such a warm reception, possibly none even if dignitaries from any other country in the world are included. His place of stay there is the one that is especially reserved only for the top level dignitaries on state visit. He is on fast due to Navratri Puja days in India currently but there is every possible arrangement made there to be sure that he is sumptuously entertained on the dining table. He is scheduled to meet President Obama twice during his stay in America, another great gesture of welcome in his honour. There are several issues to be discussed between the two besides the six ones specifically identified for the purpose. One issue that is typically most thorny is that of outsourcing, an issue where President Obama is known for being highly vociferous. People are anxious to see as to how Indian Prime Minister Modi puts forward his views on the issue to convince President Obama as this broadly concerns huge number of Indians employed in America with many holding important positions. There are many who call this trip of Prime Minister Modi as a business trip obviously because he may sign several business deals with President Obama but more than that it is sure to prove as a good will visit serving the interests of both India and America capable of cultivating a healthy global scenario.


7 thoughts on “Outsourcing–a thorny most issue between Obama and Modi:”

  1. Sir You have very exactly said that the outsourcing is a most thorny issue. We hope that it will be solved. shri Modi is hailed in USA as an icon for peace loving people in the world at large. The violence and terrorism has erupted at international level in a very organized manner. The alliance of USA and India can combat this menace very successfully


  2. Respected Sir,
    I believe that our prime minister Shree Narendra Modi will success to erase a thorny issue of outsourcing with Shree Obama. Sir perhaps the outsourcing was the only cause to stop the emplyeement in the institutions of India. There fore it is necessary also to erase outsourcing –a thorny most issue between Shree Modi and Shree Obama.


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