Communication with invisibles:

All channels of social media are centred around those who remain invisible round the clock and so is blogging where conversation between the blogger and the readers is always limited to a form beyond any physical access between one another without any face to face contact. This is a peculiar relationship in the sense that every communicational transaction takes place online without the parties concerned physically knowing each other. Silence is gold, it is said, as against speech known as silver but the very silence factor referred to in the adage invariably doesn’t rule out physical presence of the partners concerned which element remains crippled totally in online talks or communications. A blogger too has normally to deal with the people other side as as invisible an entity as the reader himself/ herself with both the sides physically remaining poles apart with each other. No go as this is how the online world is built up. People use skype as a weapon to remedy the distance between the blogger and the reader but that factually acts as an exchange of merely pictures only and that doesn’t form a replacement to real physical contact between the talkers. Bloggers and readers both have to feel contented by typing words  as an exchange of their expressions online only and there lies their limit.

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11 thoughts on “Communication with invisibles:

  1. Very true. I quite often ponder what the real person on the other end of the computer is really like. Words can only tell you so much. Even VOIP has its limitations.


  2. Sir It is a communication between souls. There is nothing new but mode and form is changed. No one has seen the God but people communicate with Him. Limitations are and should be everywhere. Very nice passage sir




  3. Respected Sir,
    I produce a poem which has been written to day by me as a comment on above article. I have two aim to send it.First I want to know about the thoughts of the poem and secondly a relation has been choked out between the Bloggers and it’s Readers. “दिल का दपर्न मलीन हो तो कैसे जानोगे
    उसके इसारे को कैसे भला तुम मानोगे
    कोइ आवाज दे रहा है तुम्‍हें भीतर से
    कौन से यंत्र से बाहर उसे पहचानोगे
    ए पशु ओ पक्षी ए पेड पौधे उसी के तो हैं
    ए नदिया झरने दि खाई देते हमें भी जो हैं
    इन्‍हे बनाकर छिपा है इसमें आओ ढुढें
    वही तो फूलों में हंस रहा है वो देखो वो है
    वो बुदि़ध के वस में भी नहीं है पर बोध है वह
    स्‍वयं सुधि कहती है हमारी कि शोध है वह
    साधकों ने कह दिया है दुर्लभ किन्‍तु कैसे
    मां ए कहती है कि अभी अबोध है वह ”
    Like this Sir, every writer presents in his article and Readers see him worship him by reading of his articles. sadar charan spers .


    1. Nice most an expression worth emulating. For a beautiful manifestation like this, this has not to remain merely just as a comment on the post -this should rather be kept as a permanent record in your otherwise nicer collection. My thanks with affection.
      PS: How come your ‘Like’ is missing.


    2. Nice. Wonderful expression…




  5. The Blog is it self very nice and it requires a deep sense to understand and at the same place I must try to understand rather I would like to go in to the philosophical depth of Sri avadesh45


    1. The point so raised in the post is well covered closely. My thanks.


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