Over lavish an entertainment–was it really worth it?

Chinese President Xi Jinping was sumptuously entertained by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his recent state visit to India historically beating almost all previous records of hospitality on the visit of any dignitary to the country from abroad. Customary it was but looks somewhat overstretched in terms of material gains. Statistically it is claimed that deals between Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi would result into an investment valued at $100 billion in India but the experts are of the opinion that it materially works out to be only $20 billion, ‘the rest was apparently a hype’ says one of them. Read in conjunction with the intrusions made by Chinese armed forces on the borders almost simultaneous to the talks between Xi and Modi in Gujarat and New Delhi, the whole scenario doesn’t appear to be on a pleasant note, it rather is irritatingly provocative. Such intrusions are continuing even now which, if not still stopped, are indicative of an adverse situation that could be of a worst possible order. ‘Once bitten twice shy’ is the adage India needs to follow while dealing with China to avert the past being repeated in which respect China would have to come out with a well meant tacit understanding with India with a commitment that could be relied upon.

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6 thoughts on “Over lavish an entertainment–was it really worth it?



  2. Sir… The China is old traitor.. It invaded when India was shouting the slogan of HINDI CHINI BHAI BHAI in 1962… Shocked Nehru ji died but sir ” NAYA DHOBI JYADA SAABUN LAGATA HAI “….


  3. Respected Sir,
    Our prime minister Shree Narendra Modi is a strong man and has a moral character to make a friend in the field of politics either it is China or America. He is a man of straight and is a straightaway. Now he is going to write a chronicle on the earth of America and is going to hoist the flag of glory of great India and without fearing to anyone he makes a good friend to Japan and Viatanam which China did not want.It is a cause that China is not please to India but for our prime minister it is no problem.




  5. I do not know that how far I am correct but I understand that what ever courtesy is extended by Modi for Chinese President, was a diplomatic requirement.


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