Modi, a hard task master:


Yes, he is virtually a hard task master and spares none when it comes to work. Himself a work alcoholic, he wants the whole world to fall in line harnessing itself to work and work alone picking up a new project after the other in a series and sequence unending. When Dr. S. Radhakrishnan visited Soviet Union as its Indian Ambassador for the first time in 1949, the then Soviet Union Prime Minister indented a meeting with him saying ‘I want to see a  person who reads 24 hours a day’ and may be this time when the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits America in the last week of this month, the American President Barrack Obama receives him as a person who works 24 hours a day. History repeats. The people of the country saw in him a Master giving a tutorial to the girls and boys on the last 5th September vehemently stressing upon need to work hard. As a hard task master he is dealing with his ministerial colleagues firmly day in and day out without any relaxation to any one in the matter of performance. ‘Work is worship’ said Wordsworth and this is an area where Modi stands as greatest of all the worshippers. The modus operandi of his work style itself is a great message to the masses of India and there lies a distinct ray of hope for a better future of the country.


13 thoughts on “Modi, a hard task master:”

  1. I hope his example will help provide America with the needed spark to get back in the habit of working. To many, now, are in the habit of sitting back and receiving the government handouts.


  2. Sh Narendra modi the Prime-minister of India is hard task master,He himself does much work and also aspect from others to do more work for the country. Our country has lost several years in vain not doing that work which it should have done., see the example of China and Japan. These countries were far behind due to many reasons and now are ahead of us. The Head of these countries are ready to give help to India in order to capture Indian market and Mr Modi is giving the slogan “Made In India ” , this is his vision. I am happy with the Indian political parties specially the Congress/ S.P.B.S.P.and communist parties. let the time of five years should be given to him to run the country in full speed and we can achieve the target which we could not achieve in past.. our future is very bright.



  3. I’m not sure about this? There is a saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. To work 24 hours a day, is utter nonsense. Two things will happen. First bodily health will diminish, then metal acuity will recede.

    I’m not saying that running a country should be taken lightly. One needs to have confidence in delegating and those so delegated.


    1. One certainly needs some respite and it actually looks imaginary for some body to physically work all the 24 hours but this is how work alcoholism is very often appreciated. Your feedback is more in tune with practical terms. My thanks with regards.


  4. Respected Sir,
    Our prime minister Shree Narendra Modi is unparallel individuality in the area of working capacity. He had said that he will not sleep and will not give a chance to sleep of his ministers.


  5. So far work has been a pass time phenomenon for our political masters. After all, when in power, they take it as a reward of their ‘tapasya’ and leave no chance of enjoying the ‘position’ go in vain. ‘Work’ is the work of babus, and ministers are for making ‘everything’ out of it with no attendant labour or accountability. The change in this culture which Mr. Modi is seeking to bring about – leading from the front, of course, is a welcome step. Hard and distasteful pill, as it is, will certainly improve the health of our democracy.


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