Small things too matter much:


Nothing in life is too small, small things may rather matter much at times and what counts is the kind of perception an individual possesses. If a man believes in an art of living, he has a bumper scope to locate the areas which count much from the humane angle generating an atmosphere of love all around him. I have too small a story to narrate. I normally avoid going to doctors as theirs is exclusively a commercial behaviour sans any human touch which is otherwise basically an essential ingredient for them. If at all I need some consultation on health or say for an eye check up I prefer to go to a local hospital called Jawaharlal Rohatgi Netra Chikitsalaya just as a commoner, get myself registered paying necessary fee for the purpose and wait for my chance to come.  I was examined there by a senior vision specialist known as Khan Sahab who has the reputation of being otherwise a hard task master while conducting the check up with harsh murmurs in between. I offered my greetings to him with an element of  cordiality followed by a hearty ‘thank you’ after the testing was over and he referred me to an eye specialist doctor. She was late and I had to wait for her sitting on a chair in the lounge after submitting my registration folder to her assistant –my wait list number being 10, it was placed at the bottom of the heap. In between I noticed that Khan Sahab had entered the doctor’s chamber for a  minute or so. When the doctor came it was to my surprise that she attended me first of all with utmost cordiality and rapt attention. My guess is that it was Khan Sahab who took pains to manage priority to my folder in view of the severe back ache I had which aspect I had shared with him when he was conducting my vision testing lowering my neck or raising it upward with a view to fixing a correct direction. Why did he bother so much for me or my back ache going somewhat out of the way? I had done him no favours except that I was cordially courteous to him. I found a real gentle man in him and I was just wondering why people projected his image as a harsh person. The story confirms that ‘courtesy begets courtesy’ if practiced honestly and faithfully.


14 thoughts on “Small things too matter much:”

  1. Respected Sir,
    It happens rarely and happens with those people who believe in an art of living and maintain it’s sanctity like you Sir. In these days except a few who maintain and believe in an art of living. But it should maintain for our healthy and pleasant life.


  2. Sir It is a great,sweet and unforgettable moment in anyone’s life to see,to meet and to communicate with Shri M.R Awasthi. A name that inspires to make the life meaningful. Salute to Dr Khan Sahab for recognizing such a great personality. In big cities there are hundreds of renowned doctors and thousands thousands of patients but sir Neelkanth is one and only one. May you live long healthy and hearty


  3. Common courtesy is very simple, but often neglected by most. I always tell those who intent to travel to other lands to be friendly and polite, therefore most potential problems never materialise. A very simple way to live by. Well written.


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