She is an inspiration for many:

Known well for her hot roles in films very often branded as a flirty because of her free styled life pattern, Manisha Koirala had to struggle hard battling for life against a dreaded disease like cancer. Losing all hopes initially to recover she was the one who finally emerged victorious as a result of her courage and will to live besides medical treatment in a New York hospital for a prolonged duration. She is well now and says she is enjoying her life in much better a way than earlier and feels committed to work for a general awareness on cancer contacting and consoling the persons who are afflicted with such a disease. She is involving herself in other social activities too finding herself more energetic and enthusiastic for the purpose now in her new avatar. At the initial stage of her disease when she was just a broken person depressed and exhausted, the man who inspired and encouraged her most was cricketer Yuvraj Singh who himself was a cancer patient, fought well with courage and will and overcame the ailment. The message from the cases like that of Manisha Koirala and Yuvraj Singh is that what in fact counts more is a will for life with determination besides the therapies and  medicines to combat the dreaded disease. Theirs is a great inspiration to the patients afflicted with such an ailment.


17 thoughts on “She is an inspiration for many:”

  1. Yes, let us wish for a complete recovery for cancer patients. Though cancer was almost unheard of? Just 100 years ago. Still there are Ayurvedic and Chinese cures available. Cures that pharmaceutical companies cannot claim for they are plant based cures. Plants that contain chemicals and compounds, these companies cannot extract. Cures that do not involve invasive techniques or radiation. A healthy lifestyle helps to minimize the likelihood of contracting cancer, in the first place.

    The “Cure for Cancer” industry is huge. Many people make a very good living, from the massive amounts of charity monies raised. If the cure was already here or could be found? This would spoil many people’s income levels.


  2. परम आदरणीय ‘ मैं अपनी कविता की चार लाइन उत्‍त के संबंध मे भेज रहा हूं जो दीप शीर्षक से है और साहस की ज्‍योति को समर्पित है ज्‍योति जन जन का परम परितोष है
    ज्‍योति तम पर विजय का जय घोष है
    ज्‍योति ही सक्षम मिटाने में यहां भव क्‍लेश तुम जलते रहो
    इसलिए जबतक अंधेरा शेष तुम जलते रहो
    हे दीप तुम जलते रहो हे मीत तुम जलते रहो


  3. परम आदरणीय ””’उत्‍त संवेदनशील एवं प्रेरणास्‍पद लेख के संबंध में मैं अपनी कविता की चार लाइन ””साहस की ज्‍योति””” के सम्‍मान में प्रस्‍तुत कर रहा हूं
    ज्‍योति जन जन का परम परितोष है ज्‍योति तम पर विजय का जय घोष है
    ज्‍योति ही सक्षम मिटाने मे यहां भव क्‍लेश तुम जलते रहो
    हे दीप तुम जलते रहो हे मीत तुम जलते रहो


  4. my salute to ( Manisha koirala and Mr Yuvraj) both of them for their courage and strong determination to fight against cancer. After reading this blog ,I feel, your thoughts has given the inspiration to many persons and hope to live strongly.and happily after cure.thanks for the blog.



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