Playing monkey to a drum beat:

Oliver Goldsmith was not a good looking man, he was rather considered ugly by many, more so as he dressed himself colourfully. With a view to ridicule him, an onlooker passed a remark ‘See Eishop* (sick) dancing’ which elicited an instant reply from Goldsmith ‘See Eishop dancing and his monkey playing’. The man who passed the remark got floored. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Japan was hailed by almost every body and, as sumptuously highlighted by the media channels, it was most successful a visit quite serving the interest of India but Rahul Gandhi feels ‘PM plays drums in Japan as India reels under crisis’. There is no country on the world map where some crisis or the other is not there at any given time. During only a short span of his last 100+ days in office he has virtually played wonders initiating several developmental projects with a considerable lead on the country’s international relations. People of India have started looking at him as a great promise for a better India in days to come. It is for the people of the country to adjudge as to who is drumming and who is playing a monkey to the drummer.

*Eishop was an ancient time clown entertaining people with his monkey all the time dancing around him.

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6 thoughts on “Playing monkey to a drum beat:

  1. I do not take Rahul’s statement considerable because he does not has caliber rather he does not has mental depth to say some thing on the matter of national affairs. At least for last ten years Mrs.Sonia Gandhi is trying to convert his jeans (KOOKUR DHOI BACHHIA) but she is badly failed. How ever he had to say some thing for the sake of his presence on national plat form that hi did.Now it is on the public that in what manner his statement is considered.


  2. In our country, unfortunately, politicians or political parties for that matter, give their reactions solely with the spirit of “opposition for opposition” without considering merits or demerits of the case. They also take it for granted (again unfortunately) that people accept their views so expressed. Although Mr. Rahul Gandhi is leading the brigade of drummers of this school, all parties, irrespective of political outfit, have practiced in similar ways, and the present ruling party is no exception to it. If our political system had acted in national interest without indulging in trickery and meanness, sometimes stretching to the limit of compromising national interest in order to serve their narrow political ends, we would have been some where at the front benches in the comity of nations. Those who got independence much after us, are now miles ahead and we have been rejoicing our status as under developed or developing country. Mr. Rahul Gandhi may be an individual but, actually, he personifies or symbolizes the whole cult of our political class, may be with some exceptions – here & there. Believers as we are, may Almighty effect some divine intervention to correct the course of our political practice! God bless Rahul ji and the likes!


  3. Respected Sir,
    Mr. Rahul Gandhi has only one qualification that he is a son of our minister Late Rajive Gandhi and Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Due to this he may be a richest man he may be popular among some one but this qualification has not been made him a great politician. According to the experience in politics he is far away from Shree Modi




  5. Well said sir……


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