Rajnath Singh–a well deserved distinction extended to him:

He is now No.2 just second to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His position as the senior most one after the Prime Minister is laudable as all through his political career his has all along been a position not only above board but full of chaste credentials in many ways. Thrice a cabinet rank minister in the central government preceded by his stint as a Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (India) with a shining image, he played most vital a role in projecting Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate as from BJP when he was its President. At one stage he came out with a blank no even to BJP’s founder veteran when the latter was opposed to Modi’s candidature as PM. Himself holding the portfolio of the Home Minister in the Centre he is now the one to preside over the Cabinet meetings in the absence of the Prime Minister like he is already doing when Modi is away on a visit to Japan for 5 days. There was much of a controversy on his son’s alleged involvement in some scandal when he declared without mincing his words to quit his post even if there is a slightest possible substance in any charge against him or any member of his family. On work footing he keeps himself harnessed to the task indefatigably with full commitment to it. For Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh, India), his parliamentary constituency, he recently appointed an ex IAS officer to exclusively look after the work of renovation of the city and also develop it in full measure to achieve a global status for it. If all the political heavy weights follow his pattern none can stop India shining more and more on the world map.


12 thoughts on “Rajnath Singh–a well deserved distinction extended to him:”

  1. It was only foresightedness to project Modi as PM candidate .He was rigid on his decision even after so many resistances with in the party and outside eg JDU left the NDA .However shown his ability ..


  2. Respected Sir,
    No doubt Shree Raj Nath singh is a most honest leader but the taken decision in favour of Shree Singh will have been perturbed to Smt.Sushma Swaraj and Shree Arun Jatele because of their seniority in the party. Sir is it not correct that the implementation of above decision Shree Atal ji Shree Adwaniji and Shree Murali Manohar Joshi have ousted from the BJP parliamentary board, This possibility will also be there.


  3. The selection of Mr. Rajnath Singh to become the President of BJP had not gone down well among certain circles at that time. Many perceived the development as a strategy of RSS to bring forward a man with relatively lesser amount of aura and popularity so that the President may not be in a position to challenge the anointment of Mr. Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party. After becoming President of the party, Mr. Rajnath Singh served the wishes of the bosses. But it is also true that in his home state, Mr. Rajnath Singh has never had a popular appeal except for a particular caste. It is for this reason that he has never contested from any seat for the second time. He has constantly been shifting his choice of constituency in search of a safe one. Further, his manoeuvrings were the prime reason which saw downfall of BJP in Uttar Pradesh. He also paid a caste card by supporting the famous (?) Raja Bhaiya when Ms. Mayavati took him to task. No doubt, BJP has secured majority and formed government at the centre during his tenure as President of BJP but certainly it was not his appeal or charishma which turned the table in favour of the party. Mr. Modi is singularly to be credited for the feat. Also, it is true that Mr. Rajnath Singh has never been in any controversy with regard to his integrity and honesty but of late his son has certainly made news for things not so well and if there is even an iota of truth in those allegations (now it is almost public that there are serious evidences of his wrong doings which has even resulted in wholesale shifting of police officials in Delhi), it cannot be that Mr. Rajnath Singh was not aware of that all. Sons have never risen without support and blessings of their masters. Actually, Mr. Modi should be appreciated for having named someone as No. 2 so that the power struggle does not take an ugly turn. Strange game which the democracy is, the leader is more prone to danger from his own colleagues than adversaries in the out open. Going by the popular mandate Mr. Modi has attained a stature where there is hardly any number two, what to say of other subsequent numbers! If news coming from those having some knowledge of RSS and its policies, old satraps are to further lose the weight in days to come. Honesty and workalholicism which Mr. Modi represents, is bound to pain and trouble the ones who have joined the politics for doing ‘public service’ in not too distant future.




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